Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bring protection to Ulduar... and more guild sillies

Part of why I love running in my guild is that I'm surrounded by peeps who are just as sarcastic and silly as I am. A couple of recent funnies from the last week or so to share:

1. In reference to the fire buff that jumps from person to person leading up to Ignis:

Jess: This fire buff is like a venereal disease. It jumps from person to person and it burns.

Oh really Jess? Hmmm.... so apparently protection in Ulduar refers to more than just a certain type of pally and our little white ponytailed warrior is not as innocent as Jess would like for us to believe. Who knew?

2. We had one very brief first try/look at Kologarn the other week. We didn't expect to be seeing him when we did, so no one had really read up on the encounter. So we had our hunter Chachi explain the fight since he has tanked it on another character. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but the combination of Chachi talking about arms and bellybuttons, along with a lot of guild chatter around lint and arm pits made for the funniest boss explanation ever. Everyone was rolling in hysterics. Or maybe boss explanations are just funnier when they are given in a Canadian accent. Ya know, Eh?

Anyways, the guild message afterwards? "Death to the bellybutton!" Because yeah, you gotta watch out for the bellybuttons!

3. A couple weeks ago we were doing an easy run through Naxx with a number of alts. Chachi's holy priest alt, Brbafk (I do love his name!) was healing along with yours truly. So there we are getting ready to start Heigan. The gist of the vent conversation:

Brbafk: Wait, I need a bit.
Jess: Huh? What's going on?
Brbafk: Hold on, I just have to fix something.
K: Like what?
Indigogo: Um, so Brbafk doesn't know how to dispel disease.
Entire guild: What?!?!
Indigogo: Yeah, I'm trying to tell Brbafk to find the spell and put it the spell bar.
Brbafk: Shut up guys! I know what to do!
Entire guild: (much much mockery and laughter)
K: Oh gawd... should I just overheal when we run back up on the platform?

Poor Chachi. I really love the guy, but he often gets a lot of crap from me. How can you resist though? He's a hunter!

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  1. /sigh

    I wish our guild chat was still fun. Some of my fondest WoW memories come from crazy raid/vent shenanigans.

    Now we hardly ever have anybody on :(