Monday, January 26, 2009

Three kinds of stinkers

First, a cute stinker. I got my 50th minipet, and thus my very own little stinker! He is super cute, though I am thinking I should carry around some tomato juice.

Second, a locked out stinker. When we did Naxx the other day, Jess rushed in before I really knew what was going on (remember the cardinal rule of healing... blame the tank). Thus, the tree was a little too slow and got locked out. Look how sad I look grasping the bars!

Finally, a big old asshat stinker. So everyone I'm sure has gotten used to coming across asshats, whether its someone who tries to ninja your ore or herb. On a side note, I have to laugh whenever non-druid folks try to ninja the herb I'm already picking in Sholazar then beat me to the next one. Buddy, you cannot beat a druid at herbing... especially this druid.

Ok back to my asshat story (maybe this will become a recurring post on my blog...). I was doing the Hot and Cold daily and had gotten my five Essences of Ice. Well I go to throw the first on a smoldering scrap, and I see this whirl of brown feathers, then it tells me that I can't use that item. Well I do it again, and same thing. Except this time I realize what happened. A tauren druid was hovering above, waiting for me to throw in the essence of ice, then swooping down to ninja the frozen iron scrap. Asshat!

Now in this kind of situation, most normal people probably spew some expletives to themselves and/or in guildchat, then go on their way. Most bloggers probably do the same and maybe mention it on their blog. But what does K do? Well K follows the said asshat tauren druid, swoops down, and takes a screenshot, emoting:

Hee hee. I never said this tree wasn't feisty. This is one situation where I have no qualms about posting toon names or guilds, as there was no way this was an accident or misunderstanding. So to you, Scarletoak of Bonzos Brass Buttoneers on Drenden, congrats on K's asshat of the week award!


  1. As a restro druid you can relate to how grueling it is to do anything thats pve. More so as a horde restro druid in a field of alliance farming for rep.

    Grats on Naxx! XD

  2. HA HA Scarletoak is in my guild!

    thats funny stuff!