Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chef Keredria

With the latest patch, I am now a chef! As a new budding chef, I'll take some inspiration from Morimoto and DeLaurentiis. Speaking of Morimoto, K would like some more sushi in Northrend. But anyways, I can now cook Fish Feast.

Oh and my Oracles egg hatched successfully into Proto-Drake Whelp. I'm convinced carrying it around in my bags all week did the trick. ;)


  1. Congrats on the Whelp! I got a 2nd Cobra Hatchling :( a long time until the mount pops up.

  2. Woo Hoo - gratz on the whelp. I got another cobra - roll on Sunday and see what I get next. I have other guildie collectors ready with swapsies so hoping for a complete collection soon :)

    Oh and gratz on the Chef title too. I became "Chef Seph" yesterday :P

  3. Wait wait. Hold everything. People look at the picture above. Now look at the picture to the right. Look above, now look to the right.

    Who are you and what have you done with my healer?

  4. Grats on the title. Did you go for it right after the patch hit, or wait until Wintergrasp stopped making Northrend crash? I didn't wait, but I acknowledge that I'm stubborn.

    Still want Iron Chef though. It's probably for the best that they took out those server-first titles, but a quest chain that unlocks after getting the title would be great. I'd settle for a chef's hat though, or maybe one of those white smocks chefs have in fancy restaurants.

  5. @seph: ooh, good idea around swapsies with guildies. i should mention this to vel and buns who i know are also incubating eggs.

    @jess: yes, i know, i know. it relates to that fashion post i keep saying im going to do that is pretty labor intensive. its coming, i swear. but for now, yes, i do look more like stabby stabby than healy healy.

    @ragar: i've been doing the cooking dailies ever since they came out. ooh... iron chef title would have been awesome!