Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How's the Sproutling doing?

From the feedback I got from my last post on the sproutling, apparently you guys thought I was pushing the little one too hard to become the next big healing machine. So keeping this in mind, I just let the little one follow me around to simply watch and learn.

Here's the little one with Jess and I as we discuss strategy for Iron Council:

Apparently she got a bit bored with our talky talky:

I did take the sproutling to give her a close look at some of the raid bosses. Here she is hiding behind me as we take a look at Ignis and his scary scary flames of fire. Its a good lesson for the little one to learn that us trees + fire = ouchiness:

Since she was a bit traumatized by our Ignis encounter, I figured the spoutling would feel more at home in Freya's conservatory:

Now the spoutling did get a couple of other lessons. Here she is learning all sorts of naughty swear words (me? never!) after my Oracles egg yet again failed to hatch a drake. Look at the sadness on my face. Look how the damn Oracle is turning its back on me! Bastard! Look at the smile on the spoutling's face as she repeats the swear words she's just learned:

I also showed the little one that there are a number of different types of trees out there. We were just out for a nice little stroll when we came across two interesting white trees who seemed to take a particular interest in the little sproutling:

But then before I knew it:

I'm not sure if the Eversong Keeper was trying to take down my sproutling or steal her as his own. What nerve!


  1. You know K, you are kinda goofy.

  2. Awww...she's getting so big!

    /pat sproutling!

    ~Beru (I keep getting some openID error!)

  3. @Jess: Sigh I know. But I will say that no one else except resto druids would be able to understand the connection between us and the Sproutling pet. Wait until they release a mini pet that is the mini replica of you.

    @Beru: Hmmm I wonder if that error is something wrong on my blog?

  4. O.O I totally need a mini-me.

    The world needs 100% more Khol.

  5. LOL cute post :)

    I had mine out during a heroic run and during one of the boss fights I happened to glance at my sproutling and it was dancing! I had no idea it could do that and it distracted me for a few moments. And then I realize oh yeah I need to be healing the group not giggling at the sproutling.. lol

  6. I'm hemorrhaging manpoints but your sproutling posts never fail to brighten my day. They are as cute as a gaggle of baby murlocs (actually what is the collective noun for baby murlocs? A gurgle surely).

    Also do keep an eye on her (is it a girl sprouting? Not that I'm suggesting you lift her leaves or anything) because TREE-SNATCHING is getting increasingly common in the Eversong woods.

  7. Sorry, the unidentified James person above is me - open-ID is very unhappy with itself as the moment.

  8. @Khol Drake: /wholeheartedly agree

    @Sylveria: hee hee. Even though I've had the spoutling forever she still cracks me up from time to time as well!

    @Tamarind aka James:
    #1. OMG your cover is blown!
    #2. You can think my sproutling is cute without sacrificing any manpoints I would think
    #3. Yes it is a she
    #4. WTF with open ID

  9. This is adorable! And the sproutling is by far the best argent tournament pet. Except maybe the broom for those of us with cleanliness fetishes.