Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two lessons from K

Two funny stories and related lessons from K

1. Guildies may remember this from a couple weeks ago... but I had an eye exam for the first time in quite a while. I'm pretty bad about this kind of stuff, but I had run out of my contacts and figured I was long due for an exam. My appointment at 6:30 pm, but since it had been so long, I had forgotten exactly what happens during an eye exam. Let's look at what happened:

Doc: Ok, now I'm going to have to dilate your eyes.
K: Oh, ok.
Doc: So your vision may be a bit fuzzy and you are going to be very sensitive to light until probably after 10 pm.
K thinking to herself: (Oh crap! I'm raiding at 9 pm!)

When I got on for the raid that night, I gave proper warning that if anyone dies, it may be because I can't see really well. I was squinting from the brightness of the screen, plus I was wearing my glasses, which I'm not used to. Flame Leviathan + dilated eyes = ouchy.

I also couldn't really read the names of folks in my little grid boxes, but I could see colors of the boxes for our two tanks: the little brown box for Jess and the pink one for Wut. Though we did have another healing pally with us and I had to make sure that I was choosing the right pally box for Wut. :)

My vision didn't really come back to normal until 10:30, which was after a couple bosses... but I don't think anyone died. The lesson here? Coordinate your eye exams with your raid times.

2. The current project I'm on involves tons of meetings at the client site. Tons. It's pretty common that I have days with 5-6 hours of meetings. Its quite crazy, and makes me feel like this:

So there I was the other day sitting through another one of these meetings. I was looking around the table at the 15 or so other folks. I have no idea how this came into my head, but I was looking at this one guy and here's what I thought:

K: OMG, if that guy plays WOW, I would bet money that he is a feral druid tank. He is sooo a bear!

I then proceeded to amuse myself for the rest of the unnecessary meeting by going around the table and thinking what the other folks would be.

K: Oh she'd be a gnome lock I think... oh, he'd be a warrior or maybe a pally tank.

The lesson here? Entertain yourself during really boring and unnecessary meetings by imaging what race/class other folks would be. :)

What I dork I am...


  1. One of the pleasant side effects (and they are precious few) of working in tech support is that you can actually HAVE that conversation with your co-workers during said meetings, rather than just giggling to yourself about it.

  2. I miss those days, I use to work at a place where we had a big team, and we all played, and talked WoW together awesome.

    Now I'm all by my lonesome, even though alot more money, responsbility, and power now. I still miss those days.

    As for what I look like, and what I play it use to be that case, I'm a big dude, and I played a orc warrior. Though now I play a skinny forsaken mage, though it's more mentally I feel akin to him then physically.