Monday, August 10, 2009

A bot, a drake, and a badge

1. The robot:

First things first, we got Mimiron down! This was our second raid week where we really were attempting Mimiron. It was a bit of a learning curve because we had some different folks in each of the attempts/raid nights and had to take some time to get them used to the fight.

2. You can shove those eggs where the sun don't shine:

Finally. Finally. You may ask, why the 'tude? I mean I've only been getting an egg weekly since FREAKIN JANUARY!!! Maybe my new little Oracles pet put in a good word for me or something.

3. How the new badge system is affecting the game

I'm sure a lot of folks are running/farming heroics for badges. Here's a cute pic of Jess, Atania, and I in a heroic VH run.

Hell, I figured we could at least make it some what interesting so I suggested we 3 man it. One tank, one dps, one healer... what more do ya need? Jess was a little leery, but it was fun and ended up being fine. Come on, let's work just a little for these badges shall we?

Now I don't pug... ever. A number of guildies used to go into 25 man Naxx pugs, and even then I wouldn't really go. We have some folks who will not really pug on their dps or tank toons, but readily pug on their healers. I'm not really sure if some part of my real life personality plays into my aversion to pugs, but the point is, I don't really ever do it.

For those of you who do pug, have you noticed a change since the patch dropped? Are there even less skilled/geared folks who are pugging heroics for the badges? When friends and guildies were commenting on their pugs with phrases like "This healer is totally fail" or "I'm the tank and I am doing the most dps", it just made me wonder.

So it looks like a number of folks are now replacing some raid nights by farming 10 man Naxx for badges. Would the Left Claw ever run 10 man Naxx just for badges? Sure. Are we going to stop raiding Ulduar to do so? Hells no. The thought of just farming Naxx bores the hell out of me. (Wth with all this hell this morning...) Now I'm not sure if my thoughts would be different if we weren't very far into Ulduar. But with only the General and Yogg left (we are extending the raid this week so will be seeing those two this week), I want to finish Ulduar.

Running a couple of heroics in the same amount of time nets you the same number of badges as Naxx anyways. Also its not like there are endless items you can get with the badges. I also wonder whether just farming for badges and gearing up from Trial of the Champions will get you soft or out of practice for when you try to raid Trial of the Crusader. I guess I want us to stay challenged and continue working together.

I don't know... is it just me?


  1. 3-manning Heroic VH? That is impressive. Nice job guys.

  2. The popularity of the heroics will probably simmer down as more raiders get access to the triumph gear or purchase out all that they need from the conquest vendor. In the mean time, it's a great chance to get those remaining heroic achievements done for the red proto :D

    I need to slip into HoS and Occ to finish up mine, hehe.

    Grats on your green proto, though!!

  3. I called the reduction in performance well before this patch launched. It was the same thing that happened in BC when they added rediculus gear to the EoH vendor. The average skill level goes down, and the gear level expectation people have (ie new guilds or pugs) to start raids goes way up.

    But, it helps my alts gear up lol

  4. Grats K! On everything! =)

    I can TOTALLY feel your excitement/hatred feelings at the oracles! I just got my green drake a few weeks ago, and I felt the exact same way!

    As for the instances...I'm not sure what to think. Brade and I usually tank/heal them (and have done so every day on all of our combos), and we can generally just brute force through them regardless of who is with us. I generally don't shy away from the LFG channel, because 90% of the time I know I'm with a solid tank and we can get through just about anything.

    That being said...I rarely pug a tank or a healer, and almost always pug DPS when I need more people, so that might make a big difference.

    I picked up the pants for my chicken of wrath set =) And I'm hoping to cinch a few of the other items, like the mace, for my other two healers!

    I also think that I might be in the minority with the badge a recruiter for our guild, I like them. It means that I can recruit a skilled player who is lacking in gear, and know that he can easily get up to speed on gear. It also opens up the recruiting pool for us, because it puts people who might be a little behind on gear closer to where we are progression wise, and makes them contributers earlier. But...I can also see where it can also be bad.

    Grats on Mimiron, and good luck with Vezax and Yogg!

  5. @Com: Thx!

    @Kae: Yeah... eventually folks will get all they need... then what? And you're right the heroics was a good way to get some of those heroic achievements.

    @Masterkevosavi: The funny thing is I'm not even a hardcore 25 man raider... But you're right, if I had alts this would be a good way to gear up.

    @Beru: Yay Chicken of Wrath! No but I can see how its good to gear alts and undergeared folks in the raid groups. It just makes me a bit sad to see folks just quit on Ulduar before finishing it simply to mindless farm Naxx.


  6. I must have gotten lucky with the oracles. O.o Because I got my drake on the second egg. But my boyfriend still hasn't gotten his...

    I used to pug Naxx a lot, but I haven't since the patch hit. It is nice to get conquest badges in heroics, because my boyfriend and I have been playing catch up with the 25 man Ulduar group we have been running with. Although we chained heroics for a couple days straight and that did a number on me. lol Never chaining heroics two days straight ever again.

  7. Congo Rats on the Proto drake- I hate you now.

    Ah as for the less skilled people, I haven't run into it yet. But I hear rumblings of it.

    I can't wait to run into it though, I get a thrill on telling people how much they suck