Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 Pics

I'll leave the serious and actually helpful blogging about patch 3.2 stuff to my fellow smarter bloggers. Instead, let me give you a peek into what kind of things catch my eye on patch day.

Now I did run the new 5 man last night, which was fun. It was fun for 5 of us to go in there completely blind as to what was going to happen with the attitude of eh, we'll figure it out. One of us (ahem, Mallory) had never even jousted before. But wow, the new 5 man heroic drops some awfully nice gear!

1. Madness!

I went to go upgrade my Kirin Tor ring, and with all the new JC recipes, here is what I came across:

2. You know right where to hit me where it hurts

I picked up the new Oracles pet. Cute little bugger, except the little one knew right where to hit me where it hurts. Grrrrrr

3. Creepy night elves

Did any of you guys look up at the night elf cheering section? Every so often they would all do some kinda robotic cheering. It was kinda creepy... but funny. Silly night elves.


  1. Some interesting stuff in 3.2. I look forward to alot of stuff, and am a little upset with a couple of things.

    I got to get me a little Oracle.

  2. aww, poor K. that aged yolk comment was soooo below the belt.

  3. At least you can give that little guy more aged yolks than he ever thought imaginable!!!

  4. Blind was super fun!

    Jousting... kinda fun :)

    I've now learned how to not fall off my horse and die though :)

  5. I thoroughly enjoy the new instance, its fast paced and a nice change. I have yet to run it on heroic but I can't wait to. The gear it drops on regular isn't too shabby either. I got 3 level 200 epics in my first two runs. I think its my favorite instance, now if I can just get a group where I (the tank) am not second on the DPS meter so we can burn things down before the healer goes OOma nd I go down.