Monday, August 24, 2009

TLC descends into madness... and comes out the other side!

I'm days late behind Jess in doing this post, but here are my pics from General Vezax. I swear the place is so beautiful, its a screenshotter's paradise!!! (Warning... many screenshots incoming)

Along the way:

I'm just loving this stained glass effect with the detail of the light shining through!

Getting ready to kick ass and take names! I love the shards of glass on the floor. It looks cool, but who forgot to cleanup? Why is the glass broken everywhere? Anyways, look how itty bitty we look!

How pretty is this shot with the light streaming in from above?

What is General Vezax exactly? A mutated cockroach? His coloring sure does match his surroundings though.

General down!

A closer look:

Now we also had a solid night of working on Yogg. I really didn't expect us to get him down the first night, and was pleased enough that we made it to phase 2. It is funny how for the Yogg fight, telling you who touched a cloud is built into the game itself. Anyways, we had fun with it and people were good while we were all learning it.

So I haven't mentioned before that our raids seem to be the queen of bugs. We've had Freya go into her final phase without her debuff wearing off... we've had Thorim send crazies down the hall THROUGH the locked gate. I don't know what it is about our runs. But check these two out:

Yes, that is Yogg in Phase 2, but with all the clouds and guardian adds from Phase 1.

This pic shows how every single NPC, as well as my fellow raid members are showing up to me as Yogg's guardians! What in the?!?!


  1. Those clouds telling you who touched them was the best thing about patch 3.2 =)

  2. It was such a pain doing Yogg since there wasn't any way to definitively tell who touched a cloud, and my guild was horrible at it. But the first patch night where they added that feature, no one touched a cloud once.