Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obsessive compulsive cooking

Here I am wearing my Chef's Hat that I got a couple weeks ago. I think it looks super spiffy, though I wish I could equip it and show it in tree form. They added the equip buff in patch 3.2, and it really does let you cook super fast. I cooked up a bunch of fish feast in no time.

I've mentioned before that I lay out all of the fish feast for our raids. Now I've started this slightly obsessive compulsive habit of how I place the feasts before fights. See Exhibits A, B, and C below:



Trial of Champions:

Yeah if there is a circle anywhere near where we are preparing for a fight... expect my fish feast to be centered in it. I don't know why I started this, but I figure with eating the same fish feast over and over, its my way of sprucing it up a little bit. Consider the presentation my equivalent of raspberry sauce swirled on a plate or parsley or something.

Now speaking of cooking, I do really love the fact that we can now start fires so much more easily than before. But has anyone really considered the safety implications of this? I mean sometimes I run around Dal and there are fires just everywhere, often very close to each other:

I try to be a responsible fire starter, specifically starting them in a corner or side location. What a dork I am.


  1. Have you seen the add-on that automatically equips your hat and changes your title to "Chef" when you open your cooking menu? It's called Iron Chef and is FANTASTIC.

  2. @Sephrenia: Oh that is hilarious!!!

  3. I'm very similar in the way of obsessive compulsive feast placing! I'll always find a nice little spot to put it, and then I ALWAYS throw down my Thunderbluff Banner to make it easier to find. Raid members always go 'Where's the banner?! I can't find the feast!!!'

  4. Notice that I'm nowhere to be seen in any of those pics. I always feel a little left out -- eating my expertise food off in some corner somewhere.

  5. This post is making me hungry.

  6. All them fires in the joolery shop on mushroom day just cain't be good...

  7. @Corgii: I'm glad I'm not the only compulsive feast placer. :)

    @Jess: Aw poor Jess.

    @River: :)

    @Ratshag: Haha. :p

  8. Iron Chef! I'm going to have to get that addon!

    I too LOVE my chef's hat =)

    The first time I cooked with it after the buff, I was like...OMG!!!!

    Om nom nom

  9. @Jess: poor thing. You are the kid with the food allergies that has to bring their special lunch.

    Yes, Miss K you have us so well trained that we expect the feast to be in the circle, in fact we automatically gather around the circle in anticipation. That is, until (a few times) you throw us off and place it somewhere else...lol. Poor Para waited a while by the circle for nom noms after a wipe on Mimiron but they were not there. You can be a tricksy tree.