Friday, August 21, 2009


Because a key part of this blog is about sharing hot breaking and most relevant news (cue sarcasm), because I come across the most random stuff online, and because its Friday, some research results to share:

A survey found that "computer nerds" make the best lovers. The anonymous study of 2000 British men and women put IT workers at the top of a list of lovers' occupations. These research results, as reported by the Sun, said that IT nerds rated so highly because they were found to be the most selfless and adventurous lovers, as well as the most open to using "love gadgets".

Hmmm... I'll just end this blog post here...


  1. It's true, we are. More women need to be made aware of this. :D

  2. @Mis: Haha

    @Khol Drake: Consider this post a public service announcement then. :)

  3. I like new hardware but I didn't know it would have these implications O.o

    More data is required to fill this spreadsheet. Please continue.

  4. Well what can I say? When you've got it, you've got it. :D

  5. uhhh. adventurous... gadgets.... yeah that souds like IT nerds like me.. lol

  6. How bout IT nerd girls? Do they make the best lovers? Are they adventerous, and....

    Sorry blacked out for a sec...

    Um..yea gadgets? they like gadgets?

    .....Sorry blacked out again.

    Where was I?

  7. @River

    Having worked in IT/Tech support for 15-odd years now, I believe I can honestly say that IT nerd girls are a myth, like Santa Claus and unicorns.


  8. Hmm I must be in IT I saw ORLY and thought ORALLY :)