Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An idol and a rebuttal

Couple of quick updates. I got Idol of Flaring Growth the other night with 25 Badges of Triumph. It was no question to me that this would be the first thing I picked up with Badges of Triumph. Rejuv is typically my #1 spell, so with that and the constant proc off this idol... OMFG. Anyways, we did the daily 5 man afterwards and I just cast Rejuv on everyone... all the freakin time. It ended up being 60% of my healing that night (haha), but I just wanted to see the constant proc. :) My advice? Get this idol. Dooooo eeeeeet.

Secondly, I saw a couple weeks ago a news story on how a CDC study said that the average gamer is 35, fat, and depressed. Seriously? The CDC is spending time and money on these kind of studies? I don't know... I would suggest they divert their resources to getting ready for swine flu.

Here's the follow up story where gamers argue back. I loved this quote from a gamer who said he sees himself as an "extroverted video-game player who appreciates proper science." :)


  1. Hm... I'm a wife/mother, 44, overweight, and I play Wow... 3 years ago, when I didnt have WoW yet, I was a wife/mother, 41, overweight and I didn't play WoW... Gee, imagine that!

    I wear the exact same size now I did then, btw...

    It would not be hard to poke that study full of holes! It's VERY hokey!

  2. I agree with Kayeri.

    I'm a little surprised that they said the average gamer was 35. From all the so called surveys I've seen lately, the largest demographic is 19 to 29. Maybe I'm just thinking the MMO market. Wonder what they considered a video game? Online poker and Bejeweled, too?

    I think the article could have been more interesting if they added studies from subjects who primarily watch T.V. or online shows. My 4 hours of raiding three times a week is not too much different than someone who watches their shows every night.

    I also read regularly for recreation (like books with paper and everything!), am a 4.0 student working on a BSW, and am very happy!

    Silly stereotypes.

  3. Oh and grats on the Idol, I love mine to death!

  4. Grats on the idol... Looks very very amazing! I've been lazy and don't have mine yet =(

  5. I don't know about you but i didn't take many surveys when I was 18-25

    Gee I'm 36/overweight. if the survery says I am, then I must be depressed. I'll order my Zoloft now.

  6. Probably that more 35 to 45 year olds take surveys... thereby skewing their numbers.

  7. Thanks guys! Is it ok to idolize an idol? :)

    Yes, the study is quite hokey. I mean come on, the average American is overweight... so the average gamer being overweight... just makes the gamer an average American?

    Kirstimah, you are totally right... compare it to those who spend the same amount of time watching TV!

  8. You are the second druid I've seen posting raving about how great this idol is. I was going to save up and take care of my tier before I worried about it, but now I'm thinking I should go buy it tonight before raid!

  9. 35, fat and depressed?! I am not 35!