Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whoa, how'd ya do that?

There are a lot of times in this game where I just plain forget stuff, leaving me feeling very very nub-cakey. Even if I remember what I'm supposed to do or what happens, I usually always forget what things are called. Case in point before some recent boss fight:

K: Isn't this where the boss does that thing and then I have to do something?

Hey, but everyone knew what I was talking about.

So there is this tanky trinket The Black Heart that drops only on normal TOC. I've been helping some tanky friends farm the normal instance to try to get it. Let's look at what happened.

Party leaves instance after finishing normal TOC
Venezia: Ok guys, its reset, lets go back in.
K: Whoa, how'd ya do that?
Party: What?
K: How'd ya reset the instance?
Venezia: This is regular K, you can run and reset normal instances all you want.
K: D'oh! Oh yeah.

I thought Venezia had some super sneaky powers or something. /sigh


  1. I don't blame you for being confused! I was like 'wait, we're in normal? All of these drops are epic...'. I got so tired of that instance, though... It's SUPER awesome for farming shards, though!

  2. I have that moment from time to time, especially some of the heroic bosses I haven't faces in awhile.

    "Oh this is the boss that does that thing, that kills everyone if we don't...hmm..oh move"

  3. I'm levelling one of my other druids now (don't ask), and I think I'm so smart because I've done all the quests so many times, right?

    So I read out the insult to the Vrykul guy in Howling Fjord, he gets angry at me, we start fighting... and then I notice he is elite and my health is dropping like a rock.

    and I think to myself, "hmm, wait.. I'm meant to use a quest item or do something to make this easier, aren't I?"

    A passing mage helped me kill him, and then I read the quest text - "when he follows you, drag him back to us and we'll deal with him."

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's right, I remember now!

    Chalking that one up to being impatient and lazy.

    But the other day, for the life of me I could not remember the word "plural", so maybe it's partly that I'm getting old? :P

  4. River: because I've been out of raiding/instancing for quite a while, I often forget how some heroics work.

    It's embarrassing, because my guild was the top guild on the server.. so when you tell a group that you can't quite remember what happens in heroic HoL, it makes you feel somewhat sheepish. :D

  5. @Corgii: Yep, it was a great way to farm shards!

    @River and Keeva: I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't remember what happens in all these heroics.

    Contrast that to my guildie Vel who freakin remembers everything. EVERYTHING. Even where old quest stuff is and stuff like that. That mage's mind is like a steel trap!

    Its nice though that as a healer it's not so bad (well not as bad) if you don't remember what the boss does. Because you can just you know heal, then heal some more, and then finally heal a little more.


    LOL, it does feel like a heroic though. I guess I'll be a noob, is it considered an 80 dungeon like UP?