Monday, August 31, 2009

Gratuitous rawr pics

I know its been weeks and weeks since we got our new kitty and bear forms and most bloggers commented or shared pics about that then. However, I like to do things when no one else is doing them (aka weeks late). With this in mind, I'll probably comment about the new expansion in another month or so. Hahaha.

Anyways, here my guildies are marveling at my awesome bear-ness.

Here's a view of what the were checking out. Note the cute little tuft of fur sticking up on the top of my head.

Here I was doing a bear stand off with a tauren druid.

Now the two cutest pics evah... K with her good druidy friends Indi and Fonzy doing some cat napping and bear hibernating. Why? Because you can never have enough druids!

I love how we're each a different shade.

All together now, awwwww!!!


  1. K, hon, dear...your bear form...ah...y'kinda look like a skunk...

  2. Druids are the cutiest and sweetiest.

  3. @Khol Drake: Hee hee... I think my guildies said I looked like a badger or something.

    @River: Noes! You iz just jealous!

    @Rapalicious/Indi: But of course my dear, but of course.