Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW Holidays

So I was checking out the ingame calendar the other week and looking ahead a couple of months. First, I came across a holiday that I didn't realize existed!

1. Pirate's Day

Yes, you read that right. Pirate's Day, or a holiday that I will probably personally refer to as "Paradise's Day" (because our friend Paradise really really loves them pirates), falls on September 19 to coincide with International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Can you believe such a thing really exists?

Now I totally don't remember seeing this event last year, though it was available. Wowwiki has a whole writeup on Pirate's Day here. So it looks like you talk to a pirate commoner to receive a costume before heading down to Booty Bay. Now if you talk to Captain DeMeza in the roof of the Booty Bay bank/AH, you'll become an honorary crew member and transform into a pirate of their race and gender for 12 hours and get this achievement. Did anyone partake in Pirate's Day last year?

Now the new holidays:

2. Day of the Dead

This is a new event that will be held November 1-2. Now I have no clue what they will do in game around this event, but I imagine it will be somewhat similar to the intent of the real holiday, which is to gather with family and friends to remember those who have died by visiting graves. There are a ton of graveyards in the game... so I wonder if we'll have to go around and visit them?

3. Pilgrim's Bounty

Pilgrim's Bounty, held between November 8-14, is modeled after Thanksgiving and they're scheduling it between Canadian and US Thanksgiving. This holiday follows the typical achievement model for most other holidays. Now the reward for completing the achievement includes a Pilgrim title and a vanity pet, described as a "plump turkey pet".


  1. "Can you believe such a thing really exists?"

    Sept 19 is actuallies me mom's birthday, too. She's gotten used ta me callin' her up and saying "Avast there, ya scurvy dog! Swab the poopdeck, and have a happy birthday!"

    Mom's pretty cool.

  2. Yarrrrrr...it only be right me pirate brethren be recognized wit' a holiday...we do be th' better choice, after all...

    Arrr...when were th' last time ye saw a ninjer wit' wenches, donchaknow?

  3. There is actually a mod that you can download that will translate everything you type into pirate talk.

    I can't remeber for the life of me what it's called though!

    I will most definately be partaking in pirate day =)

  4. Stow yer tongue, ye blathering boor! Mods be fer ye landlubbin' malingerers, donchaknow?

  5. @Ratshag: Hahaha... I can just imagine your mom's reaction year after year. :)

    @Khol Drake: That pirate talk comes easy to ya now, don't it?

    @Beru: It's amazing how there are mods for everything these days!

  6. @K
    I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam.

  7. Yeah... I'm with Rivs...

    I want mah Ninja Day when we all get free savory deviate delights and turn into ninjas, lol.