Monday, September 28, 2009

Too many raids? Good or bad?

Ok, ok so I'll talk about something other than arenas today (though I'm sure I will talk about it again soon). Let's take a quick look at what the Left Claw did last week in terms of raiding.

1. VOA. I don't really remember when we did this, but we did. Doing the three bosses in there is a pretty quick clear.

2. TOC. Another full clear in one night. Now I heard that they nerfed the third pvp style encounter with the patch last Tuesday, but did they also nerf the other encounters? It just seemed so much easier this week! I kept mentioning this in raid chat, and some folks asked, "Maybe it wasn't all nerfed K, maybe we are just super leet?" I don't know, I'm sure that could be the case, but I'm convinced the first two encounters were nerfed as well.

Anyways, here's a funny picture of us levitating down for the final encounter. Trees look very funny levitated.

3. Ulduar. We had been saved up to Yogg so we went to take a look at him again. Once again we got into phase 2 but lost it there. The problem is that we aren't working on Yogg every week. Heck, since we started TOC, its been more like every couple of weeks. So it takes a bit each time to get used to the fight again. I think we're tired of Yoggy yogg yogg though so we'll let Ulduar reset and start working on hard modes.

4. Onyxia. We also did Onyxia last week, which we ran with 8 dps and 2 healers. As we were approaching Onyxia though, I mentioned in raid chat whether it was a little weird for me to feel bad about killing her because I thought she was so pretty. Look! Purty dragon!

Its definitely a pretty simple encounter once everyone figures out what to do. The only issues we had were that Nico and I were dying to either flame breath or the whelps. On one of my deaths to flame breath, I have no idea how it happened because two folks survived when they were literally right next to me. Grrrr. Onyxia definitely drops some nice weapons. Anyways:

So yeah, in the course of one raid week, our guild stepped into 4 raids, though Ulduar was just for one boss. Ok so having all these raids does provide a lot of guilds with content to clear so they don't get bored. As for our guild, I'm not sure what we'll do next raid week given that we will let Ulduar reset and do hard modes. Will we able to do all the other raids? Will we just have to pass on VOA for the week?

While its nice to have the variety options, is it bad to have too many options? Especially for guilds with limited raiding schedules? Does having the other options result in folks not slogging away at stuff like before? Would our guild be forced to keep trying Yogg (and hopefully getting better at it) if we didn't have so many other options?


  1. The raids are so fast though - that even on a limited schedule it shouldn't be too tough. On Tuesday last week we did Ony, ToC, and ToGC(10) - full clears - in under 3 hours. Ulduar the next week for a few shots on Yogg +1 (we're out of practice) and to set Algalon up for this week.

    I like the options - and I like that hard modes are hard.

  2. @Adgamorix: Wow you guys are fast! I do wonder though if folks aren't slogging away at stuff that is difficult for them because they can easily just go clear another raid.

  3. "We also did Onyxia last week, which we ran with 8 dps and 2 healers."

    Is that all I am to you is a DPS? Sad tank.

  4. @Jess: OMG! You iz right! Sorries. I was thinking that there were just 2 healers, and did the simplied 10-2.

    Ahem, there were 6 deeps, 2 healz, and 2 kick ass tanky folks.