Friday, September 18, 2009

TOC clear and my new caring meter macro

We finished clearing out TOC last night. It was our first time even seeing the Twins and the beetle guy. They both went down on the second attempt after taking the first attempt to actually see the fight. It was a bit ridiculous in fact. What now? Well we still have to go back and finish Yogg... then will we try hard modes? But I heard that hard modes are well, uh... hard (imagine that).

There must have been something in the water I was drinking, because as Wut observed, I was pretty feisty last night. I got around to macro-ing my new favorite macro that I adapted from what I've seen around online and on other blogs.

Hahaha... that macro amuses me so...


  1. That caring meter cracks me up everytime.

  2. i'ma steal that macro. it'll come in handy in many a voa pug.

  3. Oh my lord, that's hilarious! You win! I am so going to make one of those right this second, that's sheer brilliance.

  4. LMAO! I love it. May have to use that one.

  5. This is absolutely fantastic! I'm stealing this and using this in whiney pugs as often as I can!

    I'll always give you credit though :)