Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tanking part two

We were running a bunch of alts through Naxx the other day for the first time in a long long time. I figured hey, I will alt too, and this tree will go rawr! Yes, my friends, I tanked two wings of Naxx. I think I was most concerned about tanking Heigan, but I did it!

Here's a cute pic of two of the alts we were taking through Naxx, Beastling our new bebeh tree and Felishia our new Moonkin whose flabby ass I can't stop pinching. We were doing a quick druid pow-wow aka dancing. So cute, so cute.

So what have I learned so far? Well lets recall that when Jess is tanking and I am healing, and Jess dies, it is Jess' fault. However when I am tanking and Jess is healing me and I die, it is Jess' fault. Hahaha... sigh. But still sorta true.


  1. Congo Rats...The Heigan dance is rough to learn.

  2. @Jess: Aww... yes you did my little shammay.

    @River: Yesh, except that I've seen it done a million times so I kinda had an idea for how it should be done.

  3. I tend to think of Bears as a solid choice for a raiding tank. When a Bear tanks, if they don't know their rotation and emergent casts, however, it sucks. Some will say this is true for all tanks but I would argue that a bear has to be on top of things while others can be lax.
    A prot paly can suck and still survive, a DK just needs HP and a cap of defense, a warrior well, I haven’t rolled one so I don't know.
    Bears only have 2 casts that can help the healer by gaining health, and each has a 2 min cool down it’s more tricky than DK tanking, just hitting what spells are available… And if you would disagree with me I would say show me a DK that will sit there and wait for spells to come off, not bothering to use their runes that are available, or activating the ones they need to and you have a fail tank.
    Paly’s really have the edge right now in my opinion. Warriors seem left behind and I think with the new patch I have heard rumored that DKs will be a real solid choice for tanking again. I don’t know if they are going to nerf the palys.. But bears have always been a solid choice for a skilled gamer.
    If you see or are a good bear then you are a great WoW player because you understand the mechanics more than most can. I will stick to ToL and Balance for my druid, and tank on my Paladin or my on my DK.
    Just my opinion

  4. @ Keredria - I never pay attention to that stuff. I'm a mage...it's below me.

  5. That's a great screenshot. You just need to find a kitty and you can make a band!

  6. woot! up the baby droods! honey you look divine in that fur coat! =)