Friday, September 25, 2009

More arena talk

I know, I know... more arena talk you ask? I'm telling ya, once you get into it, its addicting. Wut and I did a number of 2v2 matches last night and we did ok again, doubling our team rating. I still don't like rogues, but they weren't our biggest problem last night. My new favorite classes to bitch about? Locks and priests. We went up against several lock and priest duos and while we beat some of them, they were f'in annoying. Seriously.

One final thing I wanted to mention in my post yesterday is what I am currently using as my pvp weapon. So we all know that you can't get any pvp weapons until you build up arena points and ratings. But here's an excellent option for any caster types in the meantime: Pillar of Fortitude.

I got it a while back as a drop off trash in Ulduar. Even if I do build up the arena rating and points, I am questioning whether I would trade this in for a pvp weapon. I can build up resilience on my other gear... perhaps I'll keep the +159 stamina!

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