Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 on 9/9/09

On this ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year into the second millenium, nine things I want to do moar.

1. Tank moar. It's not only fun to do something different, but I really think that understanding what it is to tank could make me a better healer.

2. Kill moar.I go through phases in my pvping. I did a ton of Isle of Conquest this past week. Anyways, I am at about 22,000 honor kills and want to get the 25,000 HK achievement soon.

3. Read moar. It's been a long time since I've run around Dal trying to read books to get this achievement and corresponding pet.

4. Cry moar. I need to continue running normal TOC to get Tears of the Vanquished.

5. Cook moar. I know 144 of 160 recipes for this cooking achievement. How in the world do you get 160?

6. Druid moar. We have two new level 80 alts in the guild, Felishia and Beastling, who both happen to be resto druids. I'm excited to run with them in some all druid runs!

7. Clean up moar. Now that I'm carrying around three sets of gear (resto, resto pvp, and tanking), I need to rethink what I carry around in my bags and clean up my bank a bit more.

8. Priotize moar. I wonder what I should get next with my Emblems of Triumph? I already got Idol of Flaring Growth... what should I get next?

9. Blog moar. Lately I've been thinking that perhaps I need to actually do some more helpful or relevant blog posts instead of just being silly or funny. Hmmm... we'll see.


  1. Oh shush, Riv... no one likes a smart ass.

    Hm... I can't think of 9 things to do, but the one thing I want to do more of in 9 words is...

    "learn to appreciate the fun in the game moar."


    I have an addiction to purples... and it's sucking the fun out of the game... but it's okay... I'm working on it.

  2. Funny and/or silly are all mighty fine things, young lady. The world needs moar of both.

  3. There's a guy in Stormwind, seeling recipes you could otherwise only get via quests - maybe he has some more recipes for you?

  4. Big Tip for the cooking!!

    There is an addon called Asiks (sp) recipy list. It scans your profs and tells you what recipies you are missing and where to get them from. Easiest way to get the full 160.

    Good luck 8)

  5. @Riv: /sigh But I wonder where the spelling of moar came from.

    @Mikata: Nice one!

    @Maskerkevosavi: Hmmm... the ring, eh?

    @Kestrel: Heh, thanks. I can always bring moar funniness and silliness!

    @Simply mod and Javier: Thanks! I'll have to check both out.

  6. The mod that Javier is referring to is Akis Recipe list. It basically will tell you what you are missing from any of your professions =)

    There is also a blog out there somewhere that has it all listed(This is what I used), but I can't recall what it is >.<

    Anywho...I love your blog. I wouldn't change a thing about it!

    I would also echo first two badge purchases were the idol and the ring =)

  7. Regarding the 160 recipe achievement, I have been told the only way to get it is to buy horde recipes at the neutral auction house when they are available.

  8. Indeed.. Noone likes a smartass in this the THIRD milennium.

  9. @Flaw: Hahaha Flawlless.... or is it Flawless? :p

  10. It is definitely Flawlless.