Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 man TOC

Over the last two raid weeks I've participated in a bit of 25 man TOC with two sister guilds we know well, Emerald and Mimik plus a random friend or pug or two. Last week I was lucky enough to pick up Solace of the Defeated which is just an awesome awesome trinket. I <3 it. Now last night we completed the Faction Champion pvp encounter for the first time. Incredibly, not a single one of the 25 folks, nor a single one of the 4 pets died. Everyone was alive at the end! I kinda thought that there should have been an achievement for this.

Anyways, I think I'm getting a bit more used to running 25 mans. I'm not as much "OMG TOO MANY GRID BOXES!!!" as I was before. Though since I'm not running regularly with these folks, its still a bit hard for me to find a non-tank's specific grid box... for example when someone needs heals for incinerate flesh on Jaraxxus. Also on Northrend Beasts encounter, for a second I found myself actually fully hotting up a fellow resto druid, Fiona. Why? Well her little orange grid box was right next to Fonzy, the druid tank's little orange grid box. Two orange grid boxes side by side that started with F! Oopsies.

Some other differences? Well yeah, of course there was a bit of "OMG TOO MANY PEEPS STANDING TOO CLOSE TO ME!!!" in the Jaraxxus encounter. Here's something interesting, we never once discussed healing assignments even the first week we were there. It just kinda worked out. And Jess would be shocked to see how I am in a 25 man, because I keep my mouth shut and don't say a word in vent. Even though a good number of the folks in the raid are folks I know, I don't know, I just keep my mic muted. Maybe its just to keep the illusion up with them that I am actually a sweet, innocent, nice healer! :)


  1. Yay 25! Yay loot!

    I has fond memories of that time y'all invited me fer ta come to Gruul's fer yer first 25. Were a glorious session of "who be buffing what again?", as well as happy fun ogre killing.

    Oh, I knows what you resto trees is really like, but don't worries. Yer secret be safe with me.

  2. @Ratshag: Yesh, those were good times!

  3. As a 25man PUGer myself I've ran into both issues you mentioned in your post.

    Might want to check out GridStatusRaidDebuff for the quick heal XXX Incinerate Flesh type damage. It comes preloaded with all raid debuffs and it's easy to uncheck the ones you don't care about.

    As far as the two boxes same color starting with the same letter. Man I hate that one.

    Other thing that always gets me is "Quick battle res Keredria" calls when a bunch of people are down and I have no idea their class is to look for in grid.

  4. Re: Incinerate Flesh (and other nasty whack-a-mole-like debuffs)

    (also from http://dreambound-druid.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-add-debuffs-to-grid.html)

    Grid -> Status -> Auras -> Add New Debuff "Incinerate Flesh" -> Click

    Grid -> Frame -> Display Debuff "Incinerate Flesh" in center icon.

    I know it's been done lots, but wow is it ever important to remember to set these major debuffs up when doing 25 mans. Like Mimiron's Napalm Blast that ticks for a gagillion on 25 man. They're subtle tricks that give you amazing milage in 25's that aren't so worrisome in 10's.

    On the other hand, you've probably noticed how much LESS a concern mana is in 25's than 10's. Weird that MORE damage and MORE healing done makes for less overall mana consumption (thank you mega-buffs :P)

  5. @Diorinix Nice tips! I use grid and have some trubbel to find those with the debuff. I use DBM and just try to find then fast in the grid. Didn´t even think about that :P Silly me.. *doah*

  6. For Grid you can as well get one more addon that displays the raid icons (forget the name of the addon)

    It shows the skull, star, circle etc in the center icon. That helps for non-debuff type things also