Thursday, October 1, 2009

PVP and Olympics talk

As we like to say in the business:


That be a lot of Hordie killin'! Here's K below in the current pvp getup. Though I don't go around pvping chewing gum and blowing bubbles. :)

On a totally different note, everyone here in Chicago is all about the announcement of the 2016 summer Olympics host city, to be announced tomorrow from Copenhagen. Who knows if I will still be living here 7 years from now, but it'd be pretty crazy to be living here in the city when the Olympics are going on! Go Chicago!

Now I remember during the 2008 Beijing Olympics last summer that we got a spirit of competition pet for doing something... a battleground was it? But given how successful WOW's holidays and corresponding achievements have been, Blizz should totally create olympic type competition holidays when the winter or summer olympics are on. For the summer olympics we could totally do a decathlon event... for the winter olympics I'm thinking events like bobsledding and ski jumping. :)


  1. Chicago...No Olympics for you come back 4 years!

    Which the only thing that sucks is my brother works for the CTA, and I'm sure they would of got some much needed funds.

  2. @River: I know! We totally got pwned. :(