Thursday, October 29, 2009

A prayer for Nkm

Dear God of WOW drops,

Its been a long time since I last wrote you. I hope you are doing well... doing whatever godly things Gods do.

The Left Claw has been doing well. I think loot drop issues have gotten better, though if you would be so generous and kind to allow a weapon to drop for our pally healer Nico, we would be all so grateful. Even the dagger mace from 5 man TOC would be awesome! Nico is the best pally healer I've ever seen, and really deserves a new weapon. Seriously, how many times can a pally run TOC without seeing that dagger mace drop? You must have a funny sense of humor, oh great one. Try to be less funny.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce you to Nkm:

He is our cute little gnome mage. When he's not busy doing magey things, he can be found drinking brewery beer (I think lagers?), while chewing gum, all while hanging out in Rapunzel's papoose. My good friend Rapunzel and I are quite enamored with Nkm, and if anyone tries to punt him, we will kick their freakin' ass. No joke. Anyways, Nkm is a huge huge huge pet and mount collector. He went through the entire Hallow's End event last year in hopes of picking up the Headless Horsemen mount. Unfortunately, you chose to disappoint.

Nkm is back this year, trying yet again, but still to no avail. Oh, dear merciful God of WOW drops, the holiday is coming to a close. There's not much time left. Could you please please please let the mount drop for Nkm? He's really a good little gnome mage. I especially love Nkm because not only is he cute, but he is a mage that manages his threat and aggro. /virtual headpat for Nkm

Please consider helping us out. Are you looking for something in return maybe? Prayers? Exaltations of your power and glory? Sacrifices? Maybe we could sacrifice a hunter for this cause. Please please please don't make him wait another year.

As always, with great humility and praise of your wisdom and power and greatness and mercy and magnificence and blah blah blah,


  1. Actually I think that Nico wants the mace and not the dagger, but not to worry -- the omnipotent one I'm sure can perceive the loot desires in your heart as well as your words.

  2. Oh yeah. Mace. Not dagger. I forgot (big surprise).

    Don't get it confused God of WOW drops! Mace not dagger!

  3. Good luck with your mace Nico!

    Nkm, darling, I wish you luck with the mount. If that mount doesn't drop I will get Rappie to make you a special papoose that we can strap to Indi in bird form. I will be sure that all of your favorite flavors of bubblegum are in there for you and I will fly you all over Northrend until you feel happy again. /hug P.S. I will gladly offer Chachi up as the sacraficial hunter!

  4. Keredria gives me way too much credit. I am just a silly paladin healer.

    /em looks down at his Firesoul.

    It pains me that I had to take a caster blade for an upgrade. Fortunately it was going to be DE'd, but I still feel... soiled. Not a proper healing weapon at all. As for the God of WoW drops, his capriciousness only serves to make me stonger. Go ahead. Give me the birch twig to heal with as a weapon. We shall see how I do!


  5. aww K, this was the nicest post ever in the history of posts. one night left to go, so we'll see if the god of wow drops is merciful.

    while the indipoose does indeed sound cozy, i think just to be sure the mount drops we should sacrifice both chachi and kal. a little extra deity pleasing never hurt anyone.

    and yes, beer is delicious, but i usually go for porters and stouts. /drool