Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogging commentary and milestones

Some comments on blogging. First, clearly:

Now that we've established that, let's move on to blog milestones. Now there are a number of milestones that bloggers typically take note of, such as the age of the blog and number of posts, subscribers, comments, hits. But here are some different types of blog milestones that I personally have taken note of for this blog.

1. Trolls

You know you've become a "real blog" (whatever that means) when you get trolls on your blog. For the most part I find them a bit amusing and irritating at the first time.

The funniest story around trolls on this blog is when I did a post once about a certain asshat I encountered in game. I clearly called out this person and the guild in the post and via a screenshot. Well somehow this asshat found this post, and commented with a lame excuse for his asshattery, which I chose not to respond to. But it gets worse. This asshat went to his guild forums and put up a post declaring "I'm famous!" and linked it back to my post.

/sigh. They should know better than to mess with she-bloggers:


2. Your mom reads your blog

You know you've achieved some sort of blog milestone when you have your mom reading your blog. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should be nicer or not swear or something. Though just because I wonder it, doesn't mean it happens.

3. RL vs Blog Identity

Once you've started blogging a while, I think you start to think about your blog self and your real self. Does my real life personality come across on the blog? Am I different in real life vs blog/WOW life? Hmmm...

4. You spend as much time thinking about the blog as you do blogging

Two cartoons to depict this...

Enough said.

5. You wonder if you are saying anything worthwhile

With so many great WOW blogs out there, I think you often come across wondering if you are saying anything worthwhile... what exactly you are contributing into the WOW blog world.

In closing:


  1. Heh heh... I dunno, I think my Mom would find my blog rather boring. Or confusing. She's not a gamer :)

    I love the cartoons, hadn't seen any of those before.

  2. You forgot a very important one! How many people you make smile/giggle per post =)

    I am often in that category!

    p.s. did you close yet?!

  3. Very nice post!

    I enjoyed it a great deal. :)

    I don't think I want my mom reading my blog, but I'm certainly glad my spouse does!

  4. @Kae: Hee hee... my mom has no idea what the heck I'm talking about either, but she still checks the blog just because.

    @Beru: :) And yes, I finally closed and moved in yesterday. I am homeless no more!

    @Hinenuitepo: Thanks! Hmmm... I don't think I have any DK blogs in my google reader... must add yours!

  5. This is now officially my home while the damn EU servers are down again :)