Friday, October 23, 2009

Guild rumors

Do you ever really think about how much time you spend with your guildies? I probably chat with my guildies more than I do with many RL friends of mine. Its an interesting dynamic though, since most guildies don't know each other in real life.... but there is a lot that comes across in terms of individual personalities. Do you ever wonder how you are perceived by your guildies as opposed to how you really are or how your RL friends perceive you?

Over time I've shared and learned the RL names of a number of guildies. That's always interesting. Reactions range from:

* Oh, yeah she is so (Name X).
* What? No way. (Name Y) is way too nice a name for her.
* Hmmm yeah, (Name Z) totally fits him.

I probably fall in the second category, in that my RL name is seemingly too old fashioned and nice and sweet for how I really am. :)

Now onto the subject related to the Dilbert cartoon above. Now once a group of folks starts hanging out a lot, its inevitable that rumors start, isn't it? Any good rumors from your guild?

For my guildies, some rumors from The Left Claw:

1. Chachi/Brboo makes his poor innocent young sons farm gold for him while he sits back cracking a whip and eating salad (though I would argue this as truth).
2. Wut is kept locked and chained in the basement and yelled at whenever he somehow escapes. However he is allowed out to make scrumptious meals and panettone.
3. Terrondris could be a woman in RL since we've never heard him on vent. Though he is a big fan of T bagging so I do think he is male... but this rumor cannot be dispelled until we hear him on vent (and no, unfortunately Heidi's word is not enough).
4. Nkm's last name has already been guessed by Chachi but Nkm doesn't want to admit it for fear that Chachi will start stalking him (perfectly reasonable fear).
5. Vel really wanted to become a vet, which explains her obsession with pets and mounts.
6. Buns is part owner of a vineyard, which explains where all the red wine during raiding comes from.
7. Nico is away living 'in the mountains' somewhere, doing lord knows what.
8. Chachi and Kalthan are long lost soulmates (clearly obvious to everyone who hears how they speak to each other on vent), which explains why they both play hunters and have identical pets.
9. Jess doesn't really know what words like mitigate or multiplicative really mean, but just throws them around sporadically during raid explanations to create an aura of raid leader-ness.


  1. Funny thing is my real life nicknames have mirrored my toon names, My real life nickname is River, alot of my toons are names with Riv in it. The only toon that doesn't share the common ancestery is my Mage Frostscourge, which is a deriviative of my old nickname/toon name Heatscourge. Years ago I busted our ticketing system called HEAT, my boss called me the Scourge of Heat. I thought what a cool mage name so Heatscourge was born, all my friends at work called me Heat, and we played WoW together. Those were fun times.

  2. It doesn't matter that what I say doesn't make sense. It just needs to sound cool. Although, I'm not sure it matters. Nobody really listens anyway.

  3. My first MMO Game name, was dragonsbait. The guys I played with at work, would sometimes call me that.

    Of course now that I renamed myself to Spitt - and for that matter most people seem to know me now, when I visit their forums, I am not called it anywhere offline.

    I know for a fact that there are no rumors about me nor any of my characters nor anyone elses' in the guild. I say this because there are 3 accounts in my guild, and I own them all, lol.

  4. My in game name is "Angela", same as my real name... but you'd be surprised how often (with such an obvious name) people ask... what's your REAL name??

  5. @Spitt: Haha... well I heard that one toon in your guild called another one a noob!

    @Angela: That's pretty funny.