Monday, October 26, 2009

Arena Update

It's been a bit since I've updated our arena progress.

1. 65 matches in a row:

What's interesting about our arena experiences is that our team changes. I had been running a lot of 3v3 with Wutsie and T-baby (do not let these cute names fool you, we are deadly!). So that is a ret pally and then alternatively with a rogue or elemental shammy as our third. One day the three of us crazily ran 65 3v3 matches in a row. It was madness. Flat out.

On one of our matches it had gone down to Wut and I against 2 of the opposing team members. It was going on for a while, when wtf? The rogue on their side that we had killed came back up somehow! Again I ask WTF?!?! Did he get rezzed? Ooooh, Shat was hot when we then lost that match. I had no clue you could rez in arena matches. Or was it just a bug or cheat of some sort?

2. Priest on other side = bad. Priest on your side = good.

But I also ran a number of 3v3s with Shat (the elemental shammy) and Heidilux (who needs a cute nickname... I'm still thinking) who is a disc priest. It was a totally different experience running these 3s with two healers. I think Shat liked that he didn't have to coordinate focus firing and could just do whatever the heck he wanted to do while Heid and I worked on healing (duh) and CCing. With a second healer I could really work on rooting and cycloning more.

Let me just say that when Wut, T, and I would come up against priests, I hate them! Damn those priests with their mana burns and fears! But when a priest is on our side... damn I love those mana burns and fears! Perspective is everything, eh?

What was so interesting about this makeup was that our matches were long. Damn long. Even when we were up against teams rated much higher than us, we made them work for it. We had a couple matches that were in the 12 minute range. This team makeup is definitely not a flashy burst team, we are all about survivability baby! As Shat said (and yes, he provides a number of funny quotes), "This team puts on the Marvin Gaye and takes it slow". I just bet that a number of our opponents who eventually lost to us were cursing us. I would have been annoyed.

3. "Don't worry guys, my bracers got this"

Something perhaps a bit different that I am playing with currently is equipping The Black Heart as my second trinket. What are other resto druids using as their second trinket after their removing movement impairment trinket? At 867 resilience, should I still be stacking resilience?

Secondly, I haz relentless gear! I am wearing Relentless Gladiator's Armwraps of Salvation and Relentless Gladiator's Belt of Salvation which is pretty exciting for a noob arena person like me. When Shat got his relentless bracers, he informed Wut and I that we could just hang back cuz his bracers got this. :)

4. Arena names

One thing that I do always take note of is the teams that we come across. It seems that a number of arena teams somehow get past the Blizz rule of inoffensive names. However a number of teams seriously crack me up. (So you guys know you can go to WOW armory and get summary and detailed info on your arena matches, right?)

Checking out our WOW armory information reminds me of some amusing team names we came up against: Teldrassil Sproutlings (which broke my heart a little to beat them), Everyone Run Taco is OOM, Double Bubble Trouble, plz not in the face, and Keyboard Turn is Good.

5. Do arenas make you mean?

Well I definitely am not shy about admitting that I curse a whole lot more in arenas than I do while raiding. My commentary while losing is in the lines of "F'in ay" and "For F sake". But do you think folks get angrier or meaner in arenas as opposed to raiding because you are going up against real people?

I know that a lot of arena matches include taunting and emoting between teams. Now I typically won't do any of this except for maybe when there are three of us taking down one final person on the other team who runs around basically prolonging an inevitable death. In these situations, I may throw in a /sigh here and there. But I do not do any mean taunting ... unless I am provoked. Let's examine:

Keredria laughs at Princess
Keredria laughs at Princess
Keredria laughs at Princess
Wut: K! You're mean!
Shat: Aw K, cold.
Keredria: What? She laughed at me when they beat us the last match. Payback's a bitch ain't it?


  1. Rezzing in Arena is possible if you get out of combat - which you could as well use for drinking.

    I'm again trying to convince a friend of mine to play 2on2-Arena with me, but she still doesn't want to - I'm asking her for over a year now I think :o

  2. The druid's battle rez does not work, soulstones don't work, the other stuff all does work, so yeah, always try to keep the enemy healer/people who can rez in combat when they have a dead one.

  3. @simply mod and Eglador: Rezzing in arena... crazy!!!

    @Simply mod: Hmmm, I think you should bribe her with the potential for shiny pvp lewts. But seriously, I think arena is intimidating at first. But if you tell her that you'll go into for the fun, the experience, and learning how to get better, maybe she'll be convinced?

  4. I am too intimidated to do Arena's and prefer BG's. I really suck at PvP. I wonder who long it takes to get out of combat, or are there tricks to do it for a priest? Was the priest an undead or different race?