Monday, October 19, 2009

Consolidating triumph badge vendors and Regrowth?

Ok, so I readily recognize that I am more forgetful than most, but tell me this: Why the heck are there several vendors selling Badge of Triumph gear? I remember way back when TOC came out, taking a look at the Tier 9 gear sold by Aspirant Forudir up in Icecrown. However that was way back when?

Well, since then my brain has been taken up a bunch of stuff (I guess I have limited space) so I forgot about Aspirant Forudir and his Tier 9 goodies. I only remembered the vendor who sells Badge of Triumph gear in Dalaran. Not to mention that when I go to see what is buyable with Badge of Triumph gear in my Atlas loot addon, it does not include Tier 9 gear (separate category in atlas loot).

Long story short, I have had a lot of triumph badges that I hadn't spent. So when I had this a-ha moment the other day, I went and bought two pieces of Tier 9 gear so now I am rocking the 2 piece Tier 9 bonus along with the 2 piece Tier 8 bonus. But seriously, why isn't all Badge of Triumph gear sold by the vendors in Dal? Please Blizz, consider consolidating them... think of forgetful folks like me! /sigh

Anyways, I haven't raided yet with the 2 piece Tier 9 bonus, so I have yet to see what it can do. On another resto druid note though, are there any other trees who actually use Regrowth? Am I the only one? I actually played with trying out Glyph of Regrowth when we raided 10 man TOC the other night. I may have to do some more comparisons, but I seriously think that the glyph gave me some crazy healing numbers... 4000-5000 hps on certain fights.

I know Nourish is the newer sexier spell, but I don't know, I definitely don't use it as much as I think other trees do. Currently I think my top heals are Rejuv, Lifebloom, Regrowth, then Nourish. On 10 man fights where there is significant raid damage, I really like Regrowth's big initial heal, then the long hot on the spell. Plus I wonder if the 20% increased healing if I time a second Regrowth near the end of the first one is better than the 6% from Glyph of Nourish?

Are folks using nourish because its more mana friendly? If I'm not running out of mana, is it ok for me to be regrowth-ing so much? Am I just a noob?


  1. At the moment I mainly use regrowth on tanks as fire and forget spells tahnks to the looong hot. The glyph is not worth it in my opinion cause I rarely clip regrowth if I use it.
    But with 3.3 coming that will probably change. With gotem being a flat 10% haste, my plan to pick up celestial Focus for another 3% haste and shorter duration rejuvs due to haste regrowth will probably make a comeback for raid-blanketing against steady damage.
    Though I doubt I can fit in the glyph since I won´t ditch swiftmend or wild growth and I want the faster rejuvs.

    Which reminds me of another idea I had a while back:
    Fold all the benefits of tree form into caster form and make hot ticks use haste only when you are in tree form. So you stay in caster form in low damage situations and when the damage picks up you switch to tree and the hots tick away like a minigun ; ) We pretty much never shift at all, which is sad. I would like that change and the flexibility it brings to the table. But I guess that could never happen because of pvp...

  2. First of all, my healing spec is very strange. Most people think I'm very weird for choosing it, along with being a bad healer. My healing touch is a .9 second cast, and I don't stack haste. I go for crit over haste because I enjoy the free Living Seed heal.

    That being said, if I'm tank healing, regrowth is usually my top heal for the fight because I keep it refreshed. I use the glyph, and it noticeably helps a LOT. I also use regrowth more often now because it crits almost constantly, giving me a free extra heal. And of course, I have the triumph idol, so I keep Rejuvination refreshed at all times for the free 234 spell power as well as the lovely HoT.

    The only downside of my spec is that I don't have a large heal. Swiftmend is my largest heal, and without the T8.5 set bonus (Increased swiftmend heal by 10%) it doesn't heal for anything fantastic, around 11k-14k crits with raid buffs. Because this isn't that great for tanks who take lots of damage, I keep a full lifebloom stack at all times, 'cause that can crit for up to 22k with raid buffs, which is equivalent to a pally healer's Holy Light. It seems mana inefficient, but I've learned which trinkets to use so that I make sure I never run out of mana.

    In the end, I'm not worried about numbers on charts. I know this spec is horrible for getting onto charts, but I don't mind. If the tanks are alive, I did my job, and that's all I really care about.

    So yes, I use regrowth constantly on tanks, never on the rest of the raid. I never use nourish, but that's just my spec.

  3. @Venrir and Meagan: Thx guys, I think its nice that we have such a wide variety in how we can heal!

  4. I use regrowth on the tank only -- along with a rejuv and then when needed a little nourish action goes a long way. I do have the glyph, but am not often recasting regrowth on people so I'm thinking about dropping it.

  5. I'm only a little sproutling at the moment and haven't been on any scary raids, but I can't see myself ever not using Regrowth even looking ahead to Nourish.
    Since I rolled my new Druid I've been lurking in the Tree blogosphere sucking up knowledge from you elders through my little roots.
    To me Nourish seems like the big heal we should have from the start instead of Healing Touch. That's a spell I never use and don't see myself ever using.
    I've been combing all the Tree blogs looking for just such info. What spells to use and when etc. Keredria's especially has me hooked after reading all of the Sproutling's adventures.

  6. @Burntpepperoni: Yeah, I'm fighting with the Nourish vs Regrowth decision. If you know you have the Regrowth glyph and that it increases healing by 20%, is it worth it if you make sure you recast it?

    @baaizebub: Welcome to the druidy world! May your little roots become big and strong. :)

  7. Thank you! I'm pleasantly surprised at just how large a community there is dedicated to us Druids. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you all.

  8. BaaIZebub = Orwynn. Got my proper in game persona up now and not just my email. Baal Zebub is my fine and intimidating XBox name, but doesn't suit my "at one with nature" Druid.

  9. I'm more of a Nourish Druid myself, with Regrowth + Rejuv on the tanks. I still use Lifebloom, just not as much.

    However, for fights like the Twins or Faction Champions, I hot everyone up with Regrowth.

    Personally, I don't have the glyph for it.