Monday, October 12, 2009

Sproutling goes to Kara

It's been a while since we've checked in with my adorable yet impossible to train as a healer sproutling, hasn't it? What has she been up to? Well, we were taking a couple of guildies through Kara (yes, you read that right, Kara) to get them some of the enchants that drop in there. Now the little sproutling has never been to Kara. I wanted to show her how we do it, old school style.

If you were wondering whether the narcolepsy has improved at all, Exhibit A at Moroes' table:

Now the little one did stay awake long enough for me to introduce her to Shade. "This is Shade, my little one, an evil evil man":

Now my addons were being all funky, plus I was distracted by showing the sproutling around. Thus, I think I moved during Flame Wreath. Oops. No one died though. :) Here I am showing the little one how to kick someone when they are down. I know, I know, I'm so mean. But seriously Shade deserves it.

As we were running around in there, I had to introduce the little one to some tough facts of tree life. Specifically the harsh reality that we could be used to make books. Apparently she is not too concerned because she started dancing.

Next, I took her to the chess event, where I think we got confused for a chess piece and someone tried to jump on us and control us.

Finally, I took her to see the big bad man upstairs, Prince. Apparently the little one was not so impressed:

While my little sproutling is dozing away in sleepy land, Jess' Strand Crawler (whose left claw is bigger.. get it? get it?) is at perfect attention, pinching his claws, ready to jump in the fight at any time. /sigh


  1. Haha! cute post. I always loved Karazhan. Blizzard did a very good job with that instance.

  2. I just want my attumen mount damn it.

  3. I think your sproutling is a bit elitist.

    Everything seems to be a /yawn for it.

    What a snob!

  4. EEEEEE! Sproutling love.

    Although I think it's a bit over-geared for Kara, isn't it? You can tell it's thinking "I could solo heal this, lol."

    And I guess it's grown up a bit - there's certainly an adolescent air to it, like she's about to say: "what*ev*er." ;)

  5. @Verile: Yeah... Kara was fun times. Remember how big it seemed to be at the time?

    @River: I don't think I've ever seen the mount drop off Attumen.

    @Keeva: She is a little snob. If she weren't so darned cute...

    @Tam: Totally... she is entering adolescent treehood. Can't you see in all those pics how she's so terribly embarassed to be seen with me in public?

  6. this one time, at band camp, i took my enchanted broom on a tour through silvermoon.

    then i stuck it in my nanner.

  7. @Anonymous: Whoa... um... ok....
    /covers innocent Sproutling's ears

  8. Very nice!

    WTB sproutling series..... or did I already miss it?

    Anyway, Sproutling definitely needs a tour of moar instances, new and old!

  9. My sproutling is just as lazy and bored.

    The rate we're going we'll have to recruit trees from trolls and worgen.

    Nah. That would be ridiculous. :-)

  10. @Hinenuitepo: Yes, there have been a number of past sproutling posts chronicling my trials and tribulations in molding my sproutling into the next great healing machine.

    @Leafy: I think maybe we need to send our sproutlings to sproutling bootcamp maybes? Like send them on some rough 10 day camp out west or something to whip them into shape?