Friday, July 31, 2009

Casting Call

So our favorite little white ponytailed warrior posted the other day about who would play Jess in the WOW movie. Then Khol Drake did a response post of sorts, also tagging a couple of other bloggers as well, including yours truly.

Well, here is who would play me in tree form:

Hahahaha. Pretty tree, eh? But who would play me in nightelf form? Well my pick is Michelle Yeoh:

Yes, she may be a little more appropriate for someone who plays a rogue or a warrior. But there is something about her that seems very calm and in tune with nature (my tree bit), however she strikes me as someone who you wouldn't want to mess with (my personality bit).

Now perhaps in choosing Michelle Yeoh, you're thinking hmmm... so is she Asian? Well yes friends, I am. In fact, here is a pic, small but real. (OMG look what you have caused Khol Drake!!!) Anyways, so there is the face behind this blog and K. Hai2u guys.

Specifically I am Korean, like my fellow Korean brother Jong. He did a hilarious post the other day saying one of the reasons he excels at WOW is because he is Korean, due to our +15 Gaming and +15 Calculus racial bonus. LOL. But no, I will still not be doing any sorta math-y add-y calculative stuff on this blog. I can do the maths, but it doesn't mean its something I like to do. :) I'll take the +15 Gaming bonus though.

Now a couple of my guildies have known for a while that I was Asian... I wonder if some of the others are a bit surprised? I wonder if any of my readers are surprised? I don't know... I would imagine you know someone for a while in game or read someone's blog for a while and form some sort of mental image of them.

Anyways, back to the reason I first did this post. So who would play you in the WOW movie?


  1. As I said when Jess made her initial post, Misneach may make the movie but he'll probably get killed off pretty early.

    As far as the actor goes, likely Clint Howard or Steve Buscemi...kinda the same physical/appearance range I fall in.

    And yes, I knew you were Asian because I saw your real name in an email header :P

  2. Haha misneach! I have email issues since my keredria accnt is forwarded to my personal accnt. That is also how Jess found out I was Asian 2+ years ago.

  3. Heh heh. Yeah. I'm still trying to come to terms with it.

  4. I always thought of you as more of a tree than anything...curious, that. I tend to associate my fellow players more with their main than with what race/gender/etc they may happen to be.

    Great pick for your character! Bonus points for picking a rampaging hottie. :D

  5. Nope, never guessed you were Asian.

    As to who would play Osprey (my priesty main) in the WoW movie...Osprey wouldn't be in the movie, except a cameo appearance as a CGI fail angel. :p

    Kestrel on the other about Nathan Fillion?

  6. @Khol Drake: Hahaha... maybe others really thought of me as only a tree?

    @Kestrel: :) However since I've lived in the states since I was 5, I am probably more American than Korean in the Korean-American descriptor.

    Hmmm I had to look up who Nathan Fillion was. Another Firefly reference! You and Jess need to talk. Jess is a big fan of that show.

  7. I don't think I ever have mental pictures of guildies. I've seen rl pics only a few times of people I've known online... always a surprise! lol I don't even try :) If I ever have a picture, it's probably closer to ingame looks... /shrug.

  8. Well since my main is a female gnome and I'm a dude irl, I guess I would have to say Verne Troyer in drag??

  9. Ok, so I'm like a day late and a dollar short on my response to this thread. But...

    The first person that seriously came to mind when I thought I would want to play men in a WoW movie was (drum roll please!): Kathy Bates.

    I know, right?! She's quite a bit older than me, and a bit rounder than me...but I think of her in that scene in Misery where she smashes Kevin Spacey's ankles with that sledgehammer, and I think, now there is a woman that is going to get any job done.

    In the alternative, on my less pshcyo side, I think I wouldn't mind havign Bette Midler play me either =)