Thursday, July 2, 2009

Technical issues

Ok so Jess put up a post yesterday detailing some of the issues I've had on vent recently. Now yes, I freely admit that I am not the most technical person, as exhibited with this little story of when I got my Macbook. Now I've never used push to talk, but prior to this Macbook, I never had this problem. I do think I might have fixed the problem. However, I keep thinking its fixed, and it keeps coming back. Grrrr

But let me just respond to Jess' post a bit. First of all, its Schlitz not PBR! Get it straight! Hahaha... actually it probably was a Diet Coke with Lime (yum... my vice) because I am not a beer drinker. Its also funny whenever Jess hears sirens and says something like "Its like you live in a city or something". Um yeah... I live in Chicago?

Now Jess says that the raid doesn't mind when they can hear everything going on but here's why it drives me crazy. So I'm a pretty fast typer, which several of our raid members have commented on. Atania says that she can guess my mood during a raid by how fast or furiously I'm typing. If I'm typing even faster than normal and pounding away at the keys, whoa watch out. I don't know, I think I type the same all the time, but who knows.

The other issue is that if folks can hear me pounding away and they don't see something come up on raid chat or come across as a personal whisper to them, they know that I am whispering someone something. I don't know... I guess I would just rather keep my typing and the sound of me unwrapping my chocolate poundcake to myself.

But finally, when did tanks think they could make fun of healers? Um hello... the ribbing goes one way here. Just like healz go one way from healer to tank, the ribbing goes one way from healer to tank. kk?


  1. For the record, I'm allowed to make fun of only one of my healers, but that's because he's my brother-in-law and if he takes issue with it I think my wife can still beat him up.

  2. I mock my healers all the time, but then, I'm not a tank and I'm allowed to. I also mock my tanks. And the other DPS. And pretty much everyone in the raid.

    If I was a druid, I'd be a mockingbird.

  3. @Khol: oicwutudidthar.

    *rim shot*

  4. Hahaha Khol Drake, you're so funny!

  5. Heh. Yeah I have to admit that when things get rough raiding I hold my breath when I hear you typing.