Monday, July 6, 2009

Its just not right

Today I'd like to discuss something that started out for me as minor perturbment (is that a word?), then moved to irritation, and now oscillates (yes, oscillates) between sadness and downright anger.

What has me feeling this way you ask? Two things. First, the fact that I still have yet to get a drake from the Oracles egg and secondly, that I still do not have the turtle mount. Let's investigate these two things a little further.

First, the Oracles egg. I became revered with these folks pretty early on... I can't even remember how long its been. And ever so patiently, faithfully, with a glimmer of hope yet still each week, I go and pick up an egg. And yet, week after week, no drake. Come on, you Oracles folks! I really love how you guys will jump into the lake in Sholazar yelling "Whee"!. I really think you guys are super cute, way cuter than those other guys you keep fighting with (seriously, can't y'all work it all out?). What I do not love is that week after week... no drake. Grrrrr the anger is boiling up again.

Secondly, the turtle mount. I pretty much provide all of the fish feast for our raids. I think we've started a little game where if we're having a tough raid night and have a lot of wipes, I'll ask the raid to guess how many fish feast I've put out. Wut won the other night. I don't know... whoever wins should get some sorta prize. Fish maybes?

Anyways, so this is a lot of fish I'm fishing. And yet, no turtle mount. I'm telling ya, its just not right that me, Salty K, the provider of infinite fish feasts can't get the turtle mount. Sigh... now I'm sad again. :(


  1. I feel your pain and can totally relate to it. I have 6 tickbirds, 4 cobras, 2 baby drakes and countless aged yolks to my name, but still no mount. Some of the game's most hopeless couldn't care less people have them, but not me. I would love it and hug it and call it George. Two days until my next try..... fingers still crossed.

    My similar gripe is over the crocs from the Shattrah fishing daily. I go look EVERY day and do the croc one EVERY time, but I still only have ONE, yes a pitiful ONE of the croc pets. It's so unfair. They should be a reward for having fished x many thousand fish as I'm sure I must have done by now - the game has stopped counting for me I think.

    Sad panda hugs other sad panda and raises a fist at the nasty Blizzard random number generator.

  2. It would be nice if there were other ways to get some of these rewards... Like... exchange 30 aged yokes and 5 cobras for a drake. If we can exchange badges, how hard could that be to implement? Random number generator is truly random and heartless.

  3. Brade often jokes that he should be able to stitch together all of his tickbirds to make himself a mount =) I however, am also still waiting for that darn emerald drake. I secretly suspect that the Oracle vendor has a crush on me, so he's selling me rotten eggs just so that he can see me once a week. It's a scandal!

    I'm very sorry to hear about your tribulations with the turtle =( I know a few people that are having trouble obtaining it, no matter how much they fish!

    I will rub the buddha belly for good luck for you!

  4. If you want to feel better about it, go farm the Baron's mount for a few weeks.

  5. @Sephrenia: Yeah... I ended up getting two of those crocs and kinda gave up on those. And I think George would be a fine name for the drake. :)

    @Aertimus: You are totally right. Random number generator is totally random and heartless. But awesome idea about trading in yolks!

    @Beruthiel: Ah.... Brade has an awesome idea. We'll teach those damn Oracles to stop giving us tickbird hatchlings!

  6. My luck with mounts must be astounding, I got the proto-drake from my oracle egg 2nd try back in December, and my Bronze Drake off my fist timed run on my hunter. I'll trade you both for Baron Rivendare's deathcharger for my Death Knight though, and I'll even throw in a stack of frozen orbs.

  7. @Khol Drake and Anonymous: Hmmm... well if I was a proper resto druid, I should probably also be farming Sethekk Halls for Reins of the Raven Lord from Anzu.

    But I may only be able to handle two stabs in the heart right now. I have a feeling that the grind for raven mount would be a third stab... which may just be too much.

    Seriously though... I should probably be trying for it.

  8. I hear ya! Neither of these mounts have materialized for me, either, and not for lack of trying. I also do not have the Dalaran sewer rat, and totally gave up on looking for the books for Higher Learning while I still had some sanity. QQ QQ QQ

  9. My guildie is pissed off at that mount. He has 4 or 5 80s that buy the egg every week. He has gotten the mount 3 or 4 times on 1 character. It refuses to hatch on another character.

    Until he opened an egg on the PTR.