Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I went through a phase a while ago where my new favorite word was nubcake and I was calling everyone around me a nubcake. In my mind, a nubcake is what you call someone who is clearly acting as a noob, but because they are your friend, you add the cute endearing cake part of it.

Now there are varying levels of nubcakes. Sometimes it can be minor and just a nubcupcake, but on the other end it could be quite substantial and be a big old nub five tier cake with tons of frosting. I've been a nubcupcake, a nubcake, and a nub five tier cake. Let's see some examples.

Last night we decided to finish up a Naxx run that was started to gear up a bunch of alts. We head into the military quarter and start clearing the trash up to Razuvious. We're on the last set of trash before the boss, when we pulled a number of groups so I was having to heal a bit more than normal. So I go to use my trinket, and I see that I can't proc it. Huh? What in the? Oh... I've been healing up to this point in my full pvp gear and my pvp spec. Oops, nubcake.

I shared it with the raid, and they laughed. Now I've also been in an five man or a raid a bit before realizing that I had my fishing hat on. Oops, nubcupcake. A while back we were gearing up alts in a heroic VH run and it wasn't until the third boss that I realized that I was healing the entire time with my fishing pole. Oops, nub five tier cake.

I'm thinking that we may have more of these nubcake moments than others just because you can't see our gear in tree form. I love that when I'm wearing ugly or mismatched gear, but on the other hand if I have pretty gear on, I wish I could see it more. However, nubcakedom is not limited to us trees. Case in point, during the Razuvious fight when Jess was controlling an understudy:

Jess: Heal my guy up! He's almost dead!
K: I am healing him, chill out.
Jess: No, I mean heal my understudy!
K: Um, he's at nearly full health, what are you looking at?
Jess: Oh, I confused his rage bar for his health bar.
Rest of the raid: (much laughter and mockery)

Talk about nub five tier cake!

Finally, a totally un-nubcake related moment. We had our smoothest kill of Thorim this past week. Woot! Now we had been stuck up to Freya in Ulduar but hadn't had the chance to work on her the last two raid weeks. Well this past week we went in and she ended up coming down! The dps worked together so awesomely in coordinating getting down those three adds.

We then took a quick peek and a couple of attempts at Mimiron. The trash and the train ride to Mimiron was fun and different and really cool. I think it'll take us a bit to learn the fight, but its nice to be doing something different. After our two attempts, Suzzy wanted to see what happens when you push the big red button. So she did. And it was scary and firey and dangerous and bad. And we died. But it was funny!


  1. I think maybe I'm more of a nubmuffin.

  2. Nubcake is an excellent and I intend to adopt and spread it around like icing.

    But I want more baked nub products!

    Where are the nubmuffins and the nubcookies? The nubscones and the nubmeringues? And let's not forget ... the nubtarts!

  3. I think K is for sure a nubtart, at least on her feistier nights.

    Jess, however, is this one:

  4. @Jess: Ok, you can be the nubmuffin.

    @Tamarind: Mmmm icing. Mmmm blueberry nubscones with a great cup of coffee sounds scrumptious.

    @Nkm: Me? Feisty? Never! ;) And oh my, that is a mighty big nubcake.

    @Beru: Clearly everything is better with cake... so much so that calling someone a nub becomes cute.

  5. Omg, nubcupcake. Nubmuffin!

    I LOVE it

  6. I love this blog :D