Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABsolutely ABsurd AB

I've recently mentioned how AB is my favorite BG now, especially since on the Emberstorm battlegroup, alliance seem to have learned how to play it. Now someone was reminding me the other night how a long long time ago I was painfully grinding AB marks for some pvp upgrade I needed. The grind was so incredibly torturous, that I forbid anyone to put the letters A and B together in guild chat, because it was that painful for me.

So its really nice to be able to play AB and actually have fun from it now. I think its also a lot better practice ground for arena than AV, which I used to play a lot. A couple of funny stories from my recent AB adventures:

1. Are we all healers here?

In one of my matches, I was going from base to base as needed. Someone called out that they needed help at the blacksmith, so off I went. Now once I got there, there ended up being 5 of us alliance at the blacksmith. So there we are going at it against 5 or 6 hordies. Now a minute or so passes, and I don't see much changing. The 5 of us are still all up, as are the horde. What was going on?

Well what was going on, was that all 5 of us alliance there at the blacksmith were healers. Four druids and a shammy. LAWL. I /s-ed, 'Are we all healers here'? We all laughed, and one person asked in battleground chat 'Um, can we get one dps to the blacksmith please'? A warlock came over soon after and we took them down. It was so funny though, that all 5 of us ended up being healers!

2. I'm just going to follow you around, ok?

I find that its not very common to find healers in BGs that have a lot of resilience. Thus, once folks realize that I can heal them to death while staying alive, they start to enjoy their "pocket healer". I've had multiple melee folks say that they will just start following me around to whatever base I decide we need to attack or defend so that they can get my sweet sweet healz. (Ok, maybe I exaggerated one or two sweet there).

The only drawback to this is when folks start to boast in battleground chat about their high number of honor kills with only zero or one death. When they do this, I do have to set them in their place, reminding them in battleground chat as well that it was only because I was healing their ass.

3. Cyclone: you are evil. But I love you.

There were many times it was just me and one hordie at a base in AB. Well clearly, I'm not going to be able to take them down. But hell if I'm going to let them take the base. So I'd just cyclone them over and over and ask in battleground chat for someone to come help me.

If I was being continuously cycloned, I would be seriously pissed. Its an eeevil eeevil spell. But oh, do I love it so!


  1. I used to be horde side on Emberstorm. I left to move to another server with the folks from 4thehorde, but I loved AB back in the day, because we won so much. AV...not so much.

  2. Cyclone is the most frustrating of all chain CCs.

  3. The #1 way to piss off a warrior in BG/Arena:

    1) cast roots
    2) roots break, cast cyclone
    3) Cyclone breaks, cast roots
    4) /laugh
    5) Roots break, cast cyclone
    6) /tickle
    7) rinse and repeat indefinately

    These historically have not shared diminishing returns, so you could do it indefinately. I am not certain if Blizzard saw the injustice in this and fixed it or not...

    But oh can just FEEL your oponent cussing you on their side of the screen ;)