Wednesday, July 29, 2009

K's inbox... boo to you

I recently got two WOW related emails that caused a reaction that can be summed up as "Oh bleh... boo to you"

First, an email from Blizzard "reminding" me that I can signup to watch Blizzcon over the internet. I love the first line of this email, which starts "Blizzcon 2009 sold out in record time". Yeah, I remember well... as evidenced here and here. Thanks for reminding me and rubbing it in even more Blizz.

You know what? I am NOT going to sign up for your internet thing-e-me-bob. It's not the same and I ain't paying for it. So there. :p (I'm sure Blizz is just devastated.)

Secondly, an email from a leveling/gold/account selling service website saying that they'd like to advertise on my blog via text ads or blog posts. I've gotten these type of emails before and I won't mention the site, because then they'd get the advertisement they want. But seriously? Do bloggers really take up such offers? For what... an extra couple of bucks?

I would seriously be disappointed if one of my favorite blogs started taking money to advertise gold/account selling sites, sites that I feel are offering a shady service. I don't know... is it just me?


  1. I'd never give ad space to a gold-selling site.

    If Monster Energy Drinks wanted some ad space in exchange for free product, though, I'd be all about hear that, Monster!!!

    I'm glad my favorite tree-blogger isn't going to be selling out. Stay tough, K.

  2. I got Both Emails as well. Go figure. I ignored the gold sellers. They are the scum of the earth. I am still thinking about the Blizzcon thing. But I think It's just buying a vanity pet, and I don't want to do that.

  3. I got one of those gold-seller emails myself recently. It occurred to me that either the person writing said email had never actually visited my site or they were earnestly trying to get me to sell them adspace.

    I mean, really? Have you SEEN my blog? Yeah, not really a money-making endeavour.

    Still, I was tempted to write back with some astronomical number and see what they said. I didn't, but I was tempted.

  4. Alas, nobody wants to advertise gold on my blog. Obviously I don't *want* to advertise gold on my site but I feel unloved by the gold spammers now. *weeps in a corner*

    Also, Blizzard actually MOLESTED my firefox to try and get me to buy, like, footage of Blizzcon. Seriously, I was just trying to check my email, and then suddenly I was watching this lengthy advert telling me why I should pay out cash for the priviledge of engaging in Blizzcon from the comfort of my own computer desk.

  5. As you can see, K, you're far from alone. I got both emails as well (in fact, the one from the gold sellers was my second; I answered this one with a polite "no, thanks.").

    While I have had ads on my blog in the past, and may again, they will NOT be to help people violate the TOS or EULA.

  6. @Misneach: Hmmm never had Monster Energy Drinks myself, I'm more a coffee type of gal.

    @Maerdred: Yeah, its a lot just for another vanity pet.

    @Khol Drake: They're probably just spamming us with some blog list somewhere, somehow?

    @Tamarind: Aw, my poor dear!
    /pat and soothe

    @Kestrel: Wow you were actually polite and answered back. I just always ignore those emails. But then again, you're probably a whole heck more polite than I am. :)

  7. TBH, if some company wanted to give me free crap to hawk whatever and I didn't have an ethical disagreement with the product I'd totally be up for it.

    But not Gold Sellers, I think they're WoW's equivalent of pond scum. Bad cess to the lot of em.

  8. I got both e-mails. Since Yakra doesn't have his e-mail posted on his blog, they had the nerve of posting a comment right on his last post asking if he would be interested in the advertising.

    Do they really think we are sell outs like that???