Friday, July 17, 2009

No time! There's never any time!

There's been a number of changes with work and the project I'm on right now, which will mean I will be super super busy for the next two months. I know I have to feel lucky in this economy that I still have a job (and believe me, I do), but can I just bitch a bit here about how crazy, stressed, and overworked I am/will be?

So WOW-ing has been very minimal this week, and I sort of expect that to continue for a while. I'm just too exhausted when I come home to think about staring at a computer screen for any more time. When my exhaustion affects my snarkiness and desire to make fun of Jess or Chachi or Kalthan, you know its bad. I'll still definitely be playing, raiding, and blogging, but probably a bit less than I have the last couple of months.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify this quote:

"No time! There's never any time! I don't have time to study... I''ll never get into Stanford. I'll let everyone down! I'm so confused. I'm so excited... I'm so excited... I'm so scared... "

Damn, and I really wanted to get into Stanford...


  1. The quote is from Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell during the episode in which she was taking a bunch of pills to stay awake so she could do that singing thing with the other girls and still be able to study

  2. Oh and btw K I landed Phaelia's vestments from Iron Council 25 the other day! My guild was almost impressed enough by my knowing how the vestments got their name to not give me any lip about being a guy wearing a dress. Almost!

  3. @Rofosterizer: Heehee... corny 80s TV humor FTW. I love that episode.

    @Com: Yay! May the smartness and guidance and awesomeness of Phaelia impart itself on you via her vestment. And its a vestment, not a dress. :)

  4. That were me, 20-odd years ago, beggings ta Mean Dean Jean, the Admissions Machine.

  5. @Ratters: I can just see you singing "I'm so excited" Jesse-Spano style while being all strung out on uppers or whatever she was on...

  6. Wish I could say I'll step up and help heal but my priest is only lvl 25. LOL :D

    I have a lvl 80 resto druid as well but that toon is staying in CoF as a main healer.

  7. hang in there, girl! This too shall pass. =)