Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday raid funnies

A couple of raid funnies I didn't get to share:

1. I probably said something funny and true but kinda bitchy:

Jess: Hmmm... the bitchiness is strong in this one.
K: And you just realized this now?

2. K gets crap from Kalthan (a hunter giving a healer crap? seriously?!?! what is this world coming to?!?!):

K: Note to self: put post-it note over Kalthan's box in grid

3. While Jess was away I think I was the default raid leader for two raids. Let's look at a couple things I said in raid chat:

K: Successful raid leader-ing is about assignment of blame.
K: I wish Jess would come back to lead the raids. That way I can just be the back seat driver and point out everything that should be changed or could be done better.


  1. Don't ever give your healers crap...I like to get back at those people (in pugs, never to my guildies :o ) by not healing them :D

  2. Healers deserve the crap they get...all they have to do is stand there and keep my green bar full...I mean, how easy is that?? :D

    /cast mockingbird form

  3. lol back seat driving is needed for trees... with the front seat removed in front of us. We have to stretch out, you know.