Thursday, July 9, 2009

So this is how it feels to be Horde, aye?

Last weekend was Arathi Basin weekend for us. I tend to be more an AV gal, but since it was AB weekend, I decided to check it out a bit. OMFG... I played maybe 6 games in a row and won all 6. Only one was close, the other 5 were pretty much blowouts. I probably ended up playing 10 and lost only 1.

What? Alliance actually communicating and working together in AB? What? Alliance understanding the subtle balance between attacking and defending in AB? Knowing when to attack, when to defend, and how many folks are needed for each?

It actually was a thing of beauty, to see so many Alliance BG teams working so well together and understanding how AB is scored. It did show me that yes, Alliance can win more than just AV. But you know what I thought? This is how it must feel to be Horde.


  1. And then you woke up....

  2. I swear Jaz... it really happened! You should have seen all the AB achievements I got during this timeframe!

  3. Where are you and what have they done with the Alliance battlegroups?