Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When you raid with a blogger

We had an interesting week of raiding last week. First, we decided that we'd do Flame Leviathan with one tower up. So we start the encounter, and we were ready for the light beams, but WTF Flowers? Fires? Yeah... in our quest to do FL+1 we accidentally started FL+4. Oops. It was kinda funny though. We came back and took down 3 more towers and successfully did FL+1. It was nice that just leaving one tower up on 10 man resulted in two badges of conquest!

So we took down Thorim this past week. Woot! Didn't end up getting Freya down, but I think we're very very close. I actually forgot to take a screenshot after Thorim. Oops again. Now we had left a bunch of easy early bosses that a group of us went back to clear. So we're going to do Ignis, and had a healer who had to leave. We brought in a dps and could have switched Jess or Chachi out and brought in their healers, but I knew that Jess and Chachi both had drops they wanted off of Ignis.

Since Ignis is relatively easy sauce now, I decided "Hey, lets challenge ourselves" and suggested that we do Ignis with just two healers, Breld, a pally healer, and myself. From the slight pause in Breld's voice, I'm guessing that he thought that I was crazy (he probably wasn't the only one). But my hope was that with 6 kick ass dps, we'd burn him down before too long. Plus since I knew that we could still heal if we got in the crotch pocket, I thought we might be ok. And hey, if it doesn't work out, then we'll just switch someone in.

So yeah, I had to work and try a little harder, but Ignis was one shot with just Breld and myself healing. My reaction as soon as he went down? BOOYAH! And it was a good plan since the gun dropped for our hunter Chachi off Ignis.

Now I'm not sure what the deal was this past Sunday night, but Sunday's raid ended up being incredibly incredibly naughty. Terms and phrases were mentioned and discussed that required the very innocent Jess and Kalthan to look up via google or wikipedia, after which I'm sure they had to clear the cache/history on their computers. Our little gnome Nkm was so traumatized that he emoted using little mittens to cover up his little ears. I don't know... there must have been something in the fish feast I put out because it was just out of control. Even I was blushing, which tells you how bad it was.

Sometimes I wonder how it is for my guildies and friends to raid with me, a blogger. Do they wonder what will get posted and what won't? Are they sometimes surprised by the way I see things and post them? Are there things I post that they wish I wouldn't? Let's take a look at a quick raid conversation from one night:

Suzzy: Now don't you go putting that up on your blog K!
K: Sorry Suz, I think you all well know that by raiding with me there is an unwritten and unsaid understanding that anything you say or do is rightful fodder for the blog.
Chachi: Yeah, I ended up figuring that out.

But seriously, I do think I'm pretty good with not putting anything up that they wouldn't want me to put up. However it is nice to have an avenue to put up stuff like this:

So Jess had some connection issues and ended up lagging for a while before Iron Council. Here is Jess simply running in place, so vigorously so that the snow got worn down!

Well what did we do while waiting? I think it was Vel that put bunny ears on Jess, while I ran over to get screenshots. Wut mentioned that this would be the WOW equivalent of someone passing out drunk and their friends drawing on their face. Hee hee.


  1. Ah, I cannot take credit for Atania's handiwork. She is responsible for the bunny ears.
    I did other things to Jess...some of which made me blush but nothing that deserves its own wiki page. ;P

    And as far as your blog goes...you are pretty good at posting what is funny without humiliating anyone.

    You know what this WoW blog needs? ...Yep...more WoW Vel. :D

    Ok that was corny. Darn, Jess gave me goofy cooties again...

  2. @Vellie: Aha it was Ata! And what exactly did you do to Jess? ;)

    And yes, I'm sure more Vel would make anything better... including this blog. :)

  3. Does anyone know what this day means?--June 8th--