Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting ready for arenas

The other day I talked about how I had gotten back into pvp lately. Well, to take it a bit further, I am looking at dabbling a little more seriously into arenas. We've dabbled a bit before in arenas, but it was definitely a half hearted dabble because gear wasn't all pvp gear and specs weren't pvp specs. I want to try it a bit more seriously this time. So how am I doing this? Let's take a look.

How K is getting ready for arena:

1. First and foremost, I am preparing myself right now for a lot of death and destruction and pain and eating of dirt. (Yay! Sounds so fun!) Arena play is a whole new animal and I know that there is quite a big learning curve.

2. Now how to spec as a resto druid in arena? Hmmm, well I started by researching specs of some other top rated resto druids. Looking at SK Gaming's ranking of top arena teams I see that a number of resto druids are going 24/0/47 taking up insect swarm in the balance tree. Hmmm insect swarm, huh? But I see others staying around 16/0/55. Gonna have to play around a bit.

3. I still need to run a number of battlegrounds to earn the honor to pick up a pvp cloak, both rings, and a trinket. So any of y'all on Emberstorm battlegroup, be on the look out for a nelf druid in a pretty dress with a scary mask.

4. In terms of glyphs, I'll probably pick up Glyph of Barkskin and keep Glyph of Swiftmend and Innervate.

5. Now in terms of partners, I've already talked to Wut about this and Im sure Atania and Vel would be interested as well. I think we could do some interesting 3v3 teams. In doing some of my research, I found a lot of 2v2 teams with a resto druid and a DK or warrior. Hmmm I don't think Jess is big into pvping or arena on that toon... but perhaps I could convince Paradise.

6. Installing what looks like the must have addon for arenas, Gladius.

7. Buying bars of soap to wash out my mouth after all the swearing that I know I will be doing (see #1).

Anyone else with arena experience have any advice in general or specific to doing arenas as a resto druid?


  1. Alas, my dear, I have no useful advice for you. I can say however that you, without a doubt, cannot suck more than me when it comes to arenas.

    You're a smart player. I'm sure you'll do fine.

  2. First and foremost, try not to die. :D

    Hehe sorry, the only experience I have in Arena was on my mage. And sadly to say, I was pummelled a lot of the times. Though now that I have a few deadly gears I might try Arena again. :)

  3. lmao #7 =)

    You sound A LOT like me! You'd think I'd been spending all my free time down at the wharf if you heard me while I am PvPing ;-)

  4. I wrote a blog post about arena a while ago here. Megs from Out of Mana wrote an amazing post in response to it about line of sight and how to arena in general, which she took down with the rest of her blog when she stopped writing.

    I still haven't forgiven her. *grumblegrumble*

    Because honestly, my post is more of a wait wtf do I DO in arena - although some of the comments might be helpful. Oh, also there's a good post on the druid forums, the Daily Druid forums. I stopped going there because there was just so much spam that wasn't being moderated, but I'll see if I can find the post.

  5. Sigh, turns out that the Daily Druid forums were taken down too (like a month ago, lol - guess I missed that one >.<) and so that reply about resto druid arenaing is gone as well. D'oh!

  6. You only need about 600-700 resilience, spell power is more important. I just hit 1850 with my druid, playing druid/dk, with about 2k spellpower. Get the titan-forged WG trinket that removes CC/has 111 spellpower, it'll do more for your survivability than resilience will in the same slot.

  7. I'll do an update on my adventures in arena soon. We did some skirmishing last night and while we have a lot to learn, we did get better.

    @Anonymous: I did get that WG trinket and I love it. I used it a ton!

  8. Being a resto tree in arenas are really fun, when you get above the 1k mark.

    I'm currently doing 2v2's with a hunter and we play for fun most of the time (win/loss ratio is about 50/50) and what we do is having me tree heal tanking while he burns down whatever he wants to burn down (mostly the healer or clothie).