Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh the drama!

Ok a number of things I want to comment about that I shall somehow all smush into one post.

First of all, Blizzcon tickets went on sale again on Saturday. I tried to get tickets again, but once again got pwned. Oh well. In a way though, I think I was looking forward more to the idea of finally meeting and hanging out with some of these crazy people I've played with for 2+ years instead of Blizzcon the event itself. I can't deny that Blizzcon still would have been cool, but if Blizz doesn't want us there, well screw you Blizz! You know what we are going to do? We are going to have Clawcon! We're in the beginning stages of planning this guild meetup. Has anyone else put together or attended a guild meetup?

Now when I was talking about Blizzcon and all, Jess and I had a conversation a while back about it and my posts about it:

Jess: So with you talking about going to Blizzcon and all publicly, do you worry whether or not you'll get stalkers?
K: Um, no not really. If I do though, you're my tank... you'll be there to grab the stalker aggro from me.
Jess: Uh, that's not the kind of aggro I grab.
K: Oh, no?
Jess: No, I don't even know what to do with that kind of aggro.

So what I've learned from this is that apparently my tank is selective with aggro. Hmmm.

Now speaking of stalkers (cue segway), I wanted to talk about this whole debacle of Ferraro at Paladin Schmaladin. I never read "her" blog and only heard about "her" with that whole Val'anyr debate "she" had with Averna at Nerf this Druid a while back. I was out of town for a couple of days when the debate first started up, so unfortunately I didn't read it until days later.

However, my impression of "her" through the comments on Averna's blog and on from the Val'anyr debate was pretty negative. I found "her" to be incredibly elitist and arrogant and did not like her attitude of "I sorta work for Blizzard so I am obviously right" (which has also since been deemed a lie). It seemed like "she" (I keep putting quotes around these pronouns because who the heck knows now, right?) was attacking Averna instead of having a healthy debate, which pissed me off. You attack one tree, you're going to get an entire forest coming after ya, ok bee-yotch? Ok ok, I'll settle down now.

So now it seems that Ferraro has over the years, yes years, stolen pictures and content from Sarah Townsend, a blogger who has nothing to do with WOW. Jagoex seemingly first put the puzzle pieces together, which prompted some ridiculous concoction of a story/response from Ferraro about the blog having been handed off to 7 authors over the years. then posted some more information about looking at the IP addresses of Ferraro's comments and how they think its been one person all this time.

I mean wow, just wow. I was never a reader of her blog so I don't feel duped or offended or anything. But I just marvel at the idea that someone would take someone else's pictures (the latest is that they seemingly took private photos only available from Sarah's private Facebook profile) and pass them off as their own, then create some ridiculous story when caught in their web of lies. I mean who does this? It just boggles my mind. But when you get right down to it, its just downright sad. Someone needed to create a false identity for their blog to what, to get some sort of validation from the WOW world? They needed the attention not just from writing what I hear was a good paladin resource in and of itself, but needed attention of the "OMG you are hawt" variety?

I don't really care who you really are in your real life, but if you are going to bring in real life aspects, its just odd to me that someone would lie about it. Anyone who has half a brain and is not completely shallow and idiotic doesn't need validation on simply their physical appearance. And those who don't have half a brain and are completely shallow and idiotic already get validation of their physical appearance in their everyday life.

Now do I think that this whole debacle has affected the credibility of WOW bloggers? Uh, not really because I think that there are always going to be nut jobs in any community or group of people. But this has gotten me thinking about myself and this blog. I have talked about a lot of things from my personal life here, including my job, where I grew up, and even my dating status. I've also never made it a secret that I am female. Why? Well this blog is part WOW blog, but in a small part I think of it sorta as a personal blog as well. This blog has never really been a serius bzness resto druid blog, like Phaelia's was and like Bellwether's or Averna's or Sylly's or Beruthiel's or Keeva's and others are now. So it seems natural for me to throw in little personal tidbits when they are in my mind at the time.

So then why no personal pic on the home page or in the about section? Well, I've thought about it. I don't think it really matters, but I do think its nice to put a face to the name as I've seen on a number of other blogs. Will I do it? I don't know. Maybe not until I can get Jess trained to grab stalker aggro. Hahahaha sigh.

Geez, this is the longest post I've done in a while. I need a nap now.


  1. It's ok K! I'm following everything thing too! I agree that she seemed kinda hoity and allmighty. The whole thing is kinda...well, odd.

    I'm sorry that you couldn't get Blizzcon tickets =( I will be sure to take pictures from the convention and post them so you will feel just like you were there! If I can figure photoshop out, perhaps I'll even add you in so you will feel even more like you were there! ('tis true, I seriously fail at photoshop!)

    Have fun at clawcon! I might suggest Vegas =) Monolith (wow version) has its 5 year aniversary coming up and I've considered proposing a get together. . .let me know how yours turned out!

  2. Re: Secret Identities

    I haven't been terribly secretive about my RL identity. I think I linked my personal/business blog early on in Aggrojunkie. If somebody's interested enough in me as a WoW blogger that they want to see who's behind the engineering goggles, no big deal.

    Of course, I'm an average-looking male. I can't speak for female bloggers :)

  3. Selective? No. But like every good tank I know my limits. And please no pics. I'm already busy dealing with questions like "Is she single?", "Would she date Horde?", and "Do you think she'd get turned on by Star Wars bed sheets?".

    Yeah a big boo to Blizz on the tickets. That was disappointing. We could have rocked your con Blizz. Too bad for you.

  4. LMAO @ Star Wars bed sheets.

    What? Chicks don't dig that?


  5. @Beru: Yeah, you will have to represent all of us resto druid bloggers at Blizzcon! I'm sure you'll do us proud!

    @Misneach: I think its just a personal thing. I've known male bloggers not post any pics, and female bloggers who have.

    @Jess: Hahaha

  6. "You attack one tree, you're going to get an entire forest coming after ya, ok bee-yotch? " that part made me giggle. ^_^

    who Ferraro is.. they have a lot of issues. o.O and sadly I did refer to their guides for my alt pally. I bet they ripped off those guides from other ppl too. I'm not going to read that blog anymore.

    Sorry you weren't able to get some blizzcon tickets. I got really lucky on the first batch and got a pair of tickets. I was basically refreshing the page like a mad woman when it was less than a minute away from tickets going on sale. I bet scheduling a guild meet up would be fun and you wouldn't have to pay $125 for a ticket to do it :)

  7. During the last years I have met a lot of people I played with and it is definitely fun.
    There are a few stages of having such a meeting.
    Organizing: Find a place for people to meet and enough place to sleep. Find a date. Fix it early, so no one has bad excuses not to show up :o. You don't have to organize everything - just have a date and a place.
    Travelling: This is somewhat special... driving for hours and now yet knowing who you'll meet. Expect this to be a fun part. If you can, pick up someone else who lives on your way, so you aren't alone. I have been travelling 10 minutes to 7 hours to meetings and it was always fun, but I think you can have fun if you travel even longer, which will be possible in the US.
    Seeing people for the first time: "What? That guy with that voice is soooo large/small?" People almost never look like you imagined them :D This can be funny as hell.

    So... a guild meeting is always fun, don't miss it.

  8. @Sylveria: Hee hee yeah... I love the word bee-yotch. I need to bring it into my rotation a bit more again. And congrats on getting Blizzcon tickets!

    @Simply mod: Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely looking forward to it. Though some of us have already shared pics so the "shock" won't be too great.