Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back into PVP

I tend to go through a lot of phases in WOW. As Jess mentioned at times I am an herbing/farming machine while other times I am all about the PVP. My BG of choice has always been AV. Why? Well I love it because I can choose to do either run with the lead pack or stay back, stealth around in kitty form, and try to take back bunkers and work on defense. We have so many great options as a druid in AV.

Now I stopped doing AV for a good while earlier this year when every single AV I entered was horribly lopsided with 40 horde to 20 or so alliance. But this past weekend I saw that it was an AV weekend, and thought I'd check it out again. A couple of things.

We are back in the days of AV being alliance again (at least on Drenden)! Yay, I really like these days. :) Secondly, I definitely do not think that I am great by any means, but I do really enjoy giving the horde some trouble. Whether that is healing other players or taking on horde one on one or two on one or three on one! What I often find is that when I'm doing BGs I make up these conversations in my head.

Let's look at some of these conversations. Now when I am healing others in BGs I never do it in tree form. I know we have the armor bonus and we don't have a movement reduction now, but please I think shifting into tree form is just asking to get yourself killed.

K: Ooh look, there's 3 or 4 alliance folks taking on 6 or 7 horde! Let's heal them! Bring it horde! Let's see if you can out dps my healz!

(Then I imagine what the horde players might be saying)

Hordie: WTF? Why is this ally not going down? They keep getting healed!
K: Muahahaha

Now one or two on one, I am not going to kill you by any means (Hello I am healer?), but I will most likely get away. Three or four on one, yes I'll probably die, but I still enjoy seeing how long I can last. It's often quite longer than you'd think and I take some pride in being pesky.

Hordie: Ooh look! A fresh little piece of ally druid meat! Let's kill them!
K: Aaah, young hordie, its not going to be as easy as it may look!
Instant heal
Root or cyclone
Shift into travel form
Throw horde a wave or a kiss
Run away

I love it. I really do. So now I'm sitting at a resilience of 530 and still need to get a PVP cloak, rings, and trinkets. Let's take a look at what my PVP gear looks like shall we?

Hee hee! I quite love how pretty the dress is and how it all matches. And yes, while at first I was disturbed by the helm, I kind of like it now. I think it sends a strong message of "Don't f'in mess with me".


  1. Pretty frock + Hannibal Lector helmet is absolutely where it's at. I wouldn't mess.

  2. Ahh yes the good old days of PvP. I dont PvP much any more since the BGs are pretty much dead. My fondest PvP moment was going up against a few hordes in AB. Picture this, I'm a little female gnome mage chasing after this big hulking tauren druid. And 2 other hordies chasing me trying to kill me. 3 against 1 is a no brainer, I was pretty much a goner. But I decided to see how long I could last so I started attacking the druid to the point where he had to heal. Thats when I started stealing all his buffs, mark of the wild, thorn, Rejuvination, Regrowth, etc. LOL it was funny, we were running around in circles and they couldnt kill me cause I kept on spellstealling the healing buffs. Finally bit the dust when I ran out of mana :D

  3. @inmysissyrobe: You are very smart my dear, very smart. :)

    @Jaz: I know! Even if you see your impending death, isn't it fun to make them work for it?

  4. When I PvP'd regularly back in Vanilla WoW I always swore that I was going to make a PvP video that was "STFU I REALLY AM HEALING YOU ASSHOLE!". So that all those people that yelled about not getting heals could see what it was like to heal in a BG =)

    I think my fondest memories of AV were going in with a Tauren Warrior from Monolith named Kinn. He was prot, swinging a Thunderfury, and mean looking in his T2! I was his pocket healer while I was in there with him. I swear, nothing could kill him...he was just this giant, indestructable cow.

    Even to this day when I AV I just find the biggest, meanest looking person in the BG and follow them around >=)

  5. @Beru: :) I did think of all you fellow horde resto druids when I was in AV this weekend and faced trees from the other side. A little part of me did die when we killed you.

  6. Hehe, my druid in pvp gear looks very similar to yours =D

  7. @K: Heck yea I love to make em work for it. :) I usually tend to relegate myself to defense in any BG. I love sheeping the FC in Warsong. I love running into towers and start spamming arcane explosion in AV. Its hard to target a little gnome when there are 5 or 6 people crowded into said tower. :)