Monday, June 15, 2009

Overheard at the Claw

Crazy day work wise (booooo), so just some quick guild run funnies I wanted to share:

1. So am I the only one who doesn't have a max level alt?

Chachi: What, you don't have a level 80 alt?
K: No, I don't. My alt time is spent giving Jess a hard time and making money. We all know the Jess bit is a full time job in and of itself.

2. I think its been well established here that I am not afraid to talk back to the tanks or raid leaders during a raid, or lets just be serious... at any time. But I will actually talk back to Jess on behalf of others as well.

Jess: Move out of the (insert red rune or green puddle or whatever here) Indi!
K: She's not in it! Will you just tank or whatever the heck you're doing?
A minute later
K: Aack, Jess this mob is coming straight for me...
Jess: Got it, will you just heal or something?

3. Reminiscing about 80s music during raids is always fun.

Jess: Ok I'm going in, priests can I get a shield and a prayer?
Suzzy: Huh, what?
Jess: You know, prayer of mending and power word: shield.
Wut: Isn't that some Duran Duran song or something?
Jess: Or was it Bon Jovi?


  1. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa we're halfway there
    Whoa-oh! I need a shield and a prayer
    Wave your hands, make the sparkles appear
    Whoa-oh! A shield and a prayer...



  2. @ Khol Drake: Woot!

    /emote holds up cigarette lighter.
    /emote is wearing acid wash jeans.

    "And you wanted to raid, so I asked you to raid
    But fear is in your soul,
    Some people call it a one night PUG, but we can call it paradise

    Don't cast a prayer (of mending) on me now..."

    Heh. One of my favorite 80s raiding moments went something like this:

    (Wutan gets silenced by some mob.)
    Wut: I don't enjoy the silence.
    Jess: Wut, words are very unnecessary.