Monday, June 8, 2009

And they called her sparkly moonhead

First, two shots of guild first kills of Iron Council and Auriaya.

Auriaya was surprisingly one shot, though we did have a couple of wipes on Iron Council. Somehow here Atania, Terrondris, and I all died on top of each other.

Now I did get an interesting helm drop off of Auriraya, Cover of the Keepers. I realize that its maybe better for a moonkin, but it was better than what I had and we had no moonkins with us so I picked it up. Let's look at how this helm look on K, shall we?

Yes, it is a moon. A sparkly moon. On my forehead. I joked that if the lights go out in Ulduar I can light the way with my moonlight helm. You can't really tell in this shot, but it really is sparkly. So much so that I got confused when running around Dal doing one of the cooking dailies. I'd think "Oooh, sparklies! There is the wine jug/wine glass/hunk of cheese/mustard thingie!" But then I'd quickly realize "Oh wait, never mind. That's just my sparkly moonhead."


  1. Gratz on the kills and your sparkly hat!

  2. It's the same graphic as the druid T8 set. So, I have sparkly moonhead, too!