Monday, June 29, 2009

Come play with us!

Yes, my friends, the post here today is to share with you that our guild is looking for another raider or two to raid with us. We've been doing well so far with some awesome friends outside of guild, but I think it'd help to have another person or two in guild. So what are we looking for? Well on a most simple level, we'd love another healer or two dedicated to running with us. We'd also perhaps be open to another tank as well, but someone who is dual specced to tank or dps as the need arises would probably be best. Dps is not our first priority right now, but we do sometimes have an open dps slot, so perhaps if you are super awesome, we could talk.

Ok some basics behind the recruitment post so that the fit is right for both sides. First of all, we are a 10 man raiding guild. In terms of progression, we got Thorim down this past week and are very close to getting Freya down. So we'll be on Mimiron next, which sounds oh so very painful. Because we're scheduling only Ulduar raids right now, generally you'd be geared or close to geared for Ulduar.

Now we're not a hardcore raiding guild, but we're not completely casual either. As Jess likes to describe us, we are softcore... whatever that means. So if hardcore = porn and softcore = Playboy, then we are the Skinemax of raiding. Hahahaha sigh. Anyways, what I mean by this is that we care about progressing and seeing content, but we aren't going to be seeing 10 man server firsts.

But at the same time, we do care about doing well and our folks are very good players who know their class, their abilities, and generally how to play and kick ass. I would venture to say that a lot of our folks could very well join some of the top 25 man raiding guilds on the server and do very very well. We just choose to do it in a 10 man format. But I guess we might be described hardcore in that we do expect specs that make sense, proper glyphs, flasks, enchants etc etc and it would not be unheard of for one of us to look at someone and ask them to switch some talents or glyphs around if necessary.

We generally raid two or three nights a week, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 10 pm server (East coast time). We've raided some Sunday nights the last couple of weeks which I think a number of folks liked, so perhaps we may be doing that a bit more often as well. We don't have any strict attendance requirements, but because I am putting this recruitment post up, if you are interested in joining, we'd like for you to be able to raid with us somewhat regularly.

What else... what else. We are generally an adult guild (and by this I mean in age not maturity level. Ha!). Folks have kids and families and dogs and yes, even chickens. So its not uncommon for someone to have to go tuck a kid in or tend to a screaming kid or let a dog out or lock up chickens and take a quick brb. The other side of being an adult guild is that while there aren't F-bombs flying everywhere, the language can be salty at times (/bats eyes innocently) and lately there has been a good amount of very very naughty raid chat with last night being especially bad (or good depending on how you look at it). So that we do not have to feel guilty about corrupting youth, and just to generally align with who we are, it would probably be best if you were mid 20s or so and up.

There's more you ask? Yes! Of course there's more! You will read more and like it, ok? Now in terms of attitude, if you are a healer I would expect that you have a strong understanding of our awesomeness and be willing and able to come in and help me give the tanks some crap. And if you're a tank, I would expect that you have a strong understanding of our awesomeness and be willing and able to come in and take some crap. kk? Ok, ok in all seriousness, I am not too mean to the tanks. Really.

I think recruiting for a guild like ours can sometimes be harder because we fall between the hardcore and casual realm. We're looking for folks who are looking to have a good time with a fine group of folks, but I have to reiterate that we really need folks who can kick ass. But at the same time please don't be the obnoxious arrogant know it all. Damn we're picky!

I think sometimes by us not being a hardcore guild, people sometimes assume that not hardcore = casual. And I think some "casual" guilds can end up with folks who, (I hate to say this but I will because hai2u we all know that this is bitchy K here) don't really play all that well. They don't know their class, their abilities, have slow reaction times, and can't seem to follow basic raid instructions or have any sort of spatial awareness as to what is going on around them. Please don't be this person.

But know that if folks screw up or make mistakes, no one is going to be yelling at you. We all make mistakes and can cause wipes from times to time. We also genuinely have off nights sometimes... which are frustrating but a fact of life. To get to the point our raids are generally 10 folks who know their shit but genuinely like running with each other and are looking to enjoy what they are doing. But I don't want folks to think that our runs are going to be perfect and that there won't be struggles. And yes, we are still 9/14 in Ulduar... so again we're still progressing.

Anyways, here's to hoping there is a person or two out there who was able and willing to read this wall of text and thinks that they might fall in line with what we are looking for. If you've been reading this blog for a while, I think you can pick up on general guild and raiding culture from my posts (yes there is a lot of silliness). So if you think you fit what you are looking for, please email me: keredria (at) gmail dot com or Jess. Or you can talk to Jess or I in game if you are already on Drenden.


  1. Ugh. Too many words! Let me summarize. Jess healing instead of tanking makes K nervous.

  2. I know... I know. But I guess for tanks... reading... hard?

  3. @ Jess healers are always worried when tanks "think" they can heal.

    @ K tee hee hee dumb tanks

  4. @Rapunzel: Not a problem. I KNOW I can't heal. Heh.

    But come on, I'm not THAT bad. I mean, I know I'm not of the same caliber as you two or super Suzzy. Sigh. Well resto shammys are getting some luv in 3.2 so maybe I'll suck less.


  5. Well I guess its time to dust off my low level priest. See yall in ummm...3 months?? LOL :)

    Seriously though, its too bad we're not on the same server. I would love to be able to raid with yall even on a part time basis. :D

  6. Guess I shouldn't have deleted that Drenden Pally, huh?

  7. Jess, you are a great healer and of course Im giving you a hard time. Chealz ftw!!!