Friday, June 5, 2009

Gaming as a profession?

The other day I get home and waiting for me in the mail is my favorite magazine, Marie Claire. Yes, a girl has to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends when not busy throwing out hots! I definitely think Marie Claire is not like most fashion magazines because they always have interesting articles and tidbits.

Anyways so I'm flipping through it, and in the July issue, there is a little tidbit article on none other than female gamers. The article talks about the increasing number of women not only in gaming, but women who are gaming professionally. It highlights the Frag Dolls, a professional team of 7 women who play on the Major League Gaming circuit (seriously? who knew there was such a thing?). When I go to check out the Frag Dolls site, it looks like 3 of their 7 play WOW.

I should keep this in mind if I get tired of consulting and want to try an alternate career path. :) It just blew my mind though that an article on female professional gamers would be in my fashion magazine!


  1. I've heard about the Frag Dolls. Hey, if you can make money in front of a video game, why not? Sure beats being a desk jockey like yours truly.

  2. In one of our professional magazines published by my company last year was an article about putting WoW on your resume and the life skills that WoW can teach you.

    It was really interesting, and I assure you the last thing that I expected to see coming out of a magazine catering to suits!

  3. Now that's just awesome.

    /tar Marie Claire

  4. I know... are we (dare I say it), becoming more mainstream?!?! /shock!

  5. I finally picked up the issue and read the article... but it kind of made me sad. They talked about how Brookelyn plays video games in a black corset, and how "pre-teen guys" joke that they've made out with them... it's like, really? It's just frustrating that they automatically fall into a "let's dress sexy, let's please men" kind of thing. Would the Frag Dolls have gained the fame they have if they were frumpy and unstylish? I don't think so. It's similar to the Ferarro situation. Guys want to drool over sexy girls, especially sexy girls who can still "play like one of the guys", and these girls provide that drool-worthy material. Selling sex is nothing new, but it still is frustrating.

    All told though, I AM still glad that girls are getting recognition on the gaming scene... I just hope that we'll continue to get recognition due to our awesome gaming skills, rather than if we wear corsets or not.

  6. @Averna: Hmmm I think that all kind of went over my head. Maybe I didn't really notice because didn't you know that I always play WOW in my black corset?

    I am curious to know how well the Frag Dolls are doing on the gaming circuit. Are they actually winning or placing at tournaments?

  7. I play WoW in a corset.

    Don't judge me.

  8. I play WoW in my Care Bears t-shirt!