Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Checking back in with the next K

Its been a while since I gave you guys a glimpse into how the training of my Teldrassil Sproutling into the next great healing machine was going. Have I had any more success? Lets take a look.

Because any healer first needs a tank to heal, I decided to introduce the little one to my tank. Little one, this is what we call a tank:

So what we do with these tanks is send them green swirls of healing goodness. Like this:

Ok little one, now you try:

Hmmm. Well maybe I am starting you out too fast. You're a little bebeh tree... maybe Jess is too big a tank for you to start with. Should we start you out with a tank closer to your own size? How about Vel's little bear? Its a perfect little feral bear ass for you to heal!

Seriously my sproutling? Seriously? Its time for a serious chat.

We are trees little one. We are masters of teh leet healz. That is our calling. That is our fate. Come on, all you have to do is wave your arms in the air! Wave them like you just don't care! Like this!

Sigh. You're still falling asleep on me? Hmmm training up this sproutling is going to be a serious challenge. I wonder if Strand Crawlers can heal?


  1. Well... trees grow slowly. Babeh tree needs a lot of ZzZzZ like just like any other babeh. =P

  2. I'm absolutely in love with my little tree.

    He was the best gift anybody ever gave me in WoW and I want him out all the time.

    But he keeps falling ASLEEP.
    Last night I got all the way to Anub'rekhan and the silly thing was still asleep in the main naxx room.

    I despair, I really do.

  3. @Anonymous: Hee hee... you're probably right. Maybe I should be a little more patient with my sproutling?

    @Sof: Yep. I do really love my little one as well. But I do relate with your despair.

    Could Blizz add another function to the sproutling besides dancing and falling asleep? How about having it wave its arms in the air in a healing motion? :)

    Maybe I'm just too demanding a parent by trying to train the little tree to heal.

  4. Regardless of the low attention span, mini-K is still adorable.

  5. I say too young to heal. But boy do I want to rock him and hug him and squeeze his little sprouting cheeks!

  6. Awww, I'm going to lose all my cynicism points but I think that's maybe the cutest thing I've seen in WoW ever. Including baby Taurens. You'd better not be mistreating it, trying to make it heal a raid before its ready, or Plant Services will come and take it away...

  7. Hmmm so the consensus seems to be I'm pushing my little tree to heal before she's ready.

    I'll try to let the bebeh tree just be a bebeh. I wouldn't want Plant Services to knock on my door! (Haha inmysissyrobe)