Monday, June 22, 2009

Story time

Once upon a time, in Drenden, a land far far away, there lived a tree. Now this tree was a pretty happy tree, with a great group of guildmates and friends to talk with, joke around with, and go on great adventures to kill big scary monsters with.

Because this tree had such a good time with her guildmates and friends, the tree decided to chronicle her adventures on a blog. She put all sorts of stuff up on this blog, including guild happenings, stories, and adventures. A good number of this tree's guildmates and friends would often mention how they laughed at this post or that post. So the tree felt pretty good to hear that her guildmates and friends liked her chronicles, but wondered one thing:

I wonder why the majority of these guildmates and friends never comment on my blog?

Now a certain white pony-tailed warrior comments pretty often. But this tree wanted to see if she could get more of her guildmates and friends to comment on this brilliant blog. Should she tell them that they would get more healz if they comment? Hmmm... then the snarky and devious tree had a snarky and devious idea:

What if I put up a cute funny fairy tale of a story cleverly disguised as an attempt to see how many guildmates and friends she could get to be first time commenters on just this one post?

So that is just what the snarky and devious tree did. She put up a post, curious to see how many of her guildmates and friends who she knows reads the blog (hai2u guys), would comment. A lot of the tree's guildmates and friends then made their first ever comments on the tree's blog. And everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.


  1. K... you are something else. Hugs for the sneaky tree :)

  2. Yay Rappie! /hug

    And yesh, I must be maxxed out on the sneakiness talent or something.

  3. Oh my, you are a sneaky sneaky tree. Now as far as guildmates/friends go, I have indeed posted comments and may be a far off second to My (ahem *Our) Little Pony-tailed warrior but I still make the ranking.

    The reason I don't comment often is I tend to ramble on (as you know); going off on tangents and making inside jokes...blah blah (are you buying this? hmmm... can I get the leet healz anyway, since I am pretty cute and all...)

    <3 Vellie

  4. Yes Vellie, I know you have commented before. :)

    And were you seriously surprised at my sneakiness?

  5. Heh, you think THAT'S bad. After 100+ posts, the only comment my boyfriend has ever left is to disagree with me about emblems changes.



  6. Oh noes Averna! Seriously... you gotta work that guilt trinket of yours. You'd be amazed at how strong it procs. :)

    But I think non-bloggers don't realize how we feed off comments. Let's do an analogy SAT style, shall we?

    Tank:Healz :: Blogger:Comments

  7. wow, procs off a guilt trinket? we be nerds.

  8. Yea but we be proud N3rds.

  9. The story was good, but I really prefer some of the RL WOW (non-imaginary WOW) pieces you have authored revealing the dorkiness and silly maneuvers of all those you hold dear.

    Alright, so now you gonna get geared and addoned up for some arena? ;>}

  10. @Wut: Woot Wut!

    @Anonymous: Yay! I would recognize that heh anywhere...