Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You know we're not normal, right?

I've had a number of resto druids whisper me in game lately. Perhaps I ran across their screen and mesmerized them with mah shiny staff (akin's to Tam's hat). Folks have asked about my perspective on stuff including spec choices, haste and gear upgrades with frost badges. Yes, I did pick up Circle of Ossus over the leather piece. With the haste and spirit... yummers! I also argued that if we need the extra armor from the leather piece, then the tanks are doing it wrong and we should yell at them. Ha.

In all of these conversations, as these druids want to delve a bit more into various topics such as specific haste numbers and spec questions, I end up referencing my fellow bloggers. Here's a sample of the conversations:

K: "What? Haste? You don't read any resto druid blogs? Huh? You have to go see Restoration Druid's post on haste numbers".

K: "Huh? You don't use Grid? Seriously? (this really really pains my woodsy little heart). You have to go see Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket for how to set up Grid to track hots. Go there now! Now I say! What are you still doing here?!?!"

K: "Hmmm... you want my perspective on the T10 4 piece set bonus? Yeah, I don't know if it will do much for us 10 man raiders. Well you must go see Beruthiel at Falling Leaves and Wings. Beru is serius bzness. Did you know she has Val'anyer?!?!"

K: "What? You want to know what druidy drops are in ICC? Go see Firewood at Tree Haelz for a huge list".

K: "So you want advice on how to heal certain ICC bosses? Well this is what I do... (blah blah blah) but all of the above bloggers have great guides, as do Kae at Dreambound and Virile at Rejuvo".

What have we learned here? A number of things. First, I am an awesome marketing tool for my fellow tree bloggers who actually do the more serious and helpful posts with guides and tips. Hee hee. No but seriously, I probably end up scaring most of these folks because I just start rattling off all these blogs they should be reading. I'm sure these folks are like, "Ok.... uh thanks (/step back from the crazy tree)"

However, I think I often forget that most WOW players are not reading tons of blogs. Its not that they're not good players, but just not how they choose to play. Perhaps it seems like too much work for them? I think those of us here who do regularly read tons of blogs and various sites can easily forget that we really aren't the norm for WOW players. We're the crazy seal in the pic above. :)


  1. lol, I point young trees to all these blogs, too, even though I dont write one, I sure read them! :) And in spite of the positive reports thus far, I'm skeptical of the Tier 4-piece bonuses for 10-mans as well. I will get two pieces, eventually. Right now I have 13 or so badges to go and have to decide between Circle of Ossus and the Purified Lunar Dust. Since its apparently going to get buffed, its looking a lot more tempting than it did initially... After those, Tier gear...

  2. HAHAHA I do that too! In fact, most of those posts that you mentioned I linked in a neat little "RESTO DRUID RESOURCE PAGE" on my guild's website... and whenever I get a question I'm like GOSH IT'S ON THE WEBSITE... but I don't say that. I say something more diplomatic like READ THE EFFIN WEBSITE! Ok, not that either.

  3. hah! Well, I'd rather be that seal than the penguins! At least as a seal I get to play with bouncing balls and fed fight, right?! :)

  4. er...fed fish, not fight. I have no idea where that came from, wtf!

  5. @Kayeri: Ya. While its nice for me not to have to worry about picking up set pieces for the bonus, and can just look for the best upgrades, its odd for me not to be shooting for T10. Also it makes me want to clutch my branchy little hands on my 4 piece T9 even longer. :(

    @Crankyhealer: Aw, a true cranky healer after my own heart.

    @Beru: Yay for the slightly crazy looking but cute seals who don't follow the pack. :)

  6. woot for being a crazy seal! now if only our aquatic form was that cute. :P

    and although i am not a blogger myself, i have referred tree guildies to all the wonderful tree blogs i read. :D

  7. <3

    We're not suffering insanity. We're enjoying every minute of it.

  8. Not everybody reads blogs? What do you do at work then?

  9. Hehe, I do the same for my guild; even with the boomkins. "WHUT!? You NEED to follow Gray Matter!!!11"

  10. then someone who does read your blog catches you on your main, and says " I read you - hey! and thanks for entertaining me" and then you think all warm and gooey thoughts about people who do read blogs

  11. Hehe, you have the best pictures. Actually somebody whispered me to ask about priestly things the other day - I nearly had a heart attack. I mean, truthfully, I don't know - in what world have I ever given the impression I know what I'm doing? So I cleared my throat a lot, adopted thoughtful poses and told them to go read Miss Medicina ;)

  12. @Adeanna: OMG you're right! That is us in aquatic form! :)

    @Kae: Hee hee, yes look how happy the seal looks.

    @Eversor: Yes, I'm not quite sure what WOW players who do not read blogs do at work. I don't know, um maybe actually work? What madness!

    @Avoran: Totally agree. Anyone who asks me about boomkin stuff, which doesn't happen often because I never play boomkin, I point towards Gray Matter. It is hard for me to fathom certain specced toons not knowing the be all, end all blogger of their spec.

    @Pugnacious: Totally. Its always a nice surprise when you get that kinda message.

    @Tam: Heh. Good advice, I shall also adopt thoughtful poses before sending people on to other blogs. :)

  13. I personally think these conversations would go much better if you pulled them into a separate vent channel.