Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helm inspirations from the fashion world

The British may be known for their awesome accents (well I think so), fish and chips, tea and biscuits, and soccer (er football). But another aspect of their culture that I have been fascinated by is their love of hats. Yes, hats. Now of our armor pieces, I think the craziest designs Blizz has come up with has been our helms. I guess if you think about it, there may be more latitude to go all out with helms compared to other pieces.

Well, if Blizz wants any inspiration in designing future tier helms, I think they should look at some of these amazing hats from the high end fashion world. They're less hats, and more headpieces perhaps. Some exquisite examples from Philip Treacy, an incredible British milliner.

This one below screams out priest to me for some reason:

Could this be for a warlock?

Or this one below for a pally or shammy?

Mage helm below?

I especially love the orchid and butterfly headpieces as options for druid helms. Maybe the male druids wouldn't be so crazy about them, but I love them!


  1. Oh we'd love them too!

  2. And why I choose the "hide helm" option in my UI! But I'm sure they'd look great on you! On the other hand it would be pretty funny to see a gnome running around with a hat taller than he/she!

  3. the orchid and butterfly ones would be neat if the orchid had a blooming animation and the butterflies would fly around your head. :P

    personally i love helms that are simple designs, like the t8 sparkly moon helm.

  4. @Flawlless: Oh yeah? The male druids would like it too? Kewl!

    @Beru: Ya, they don't look like they'd provide much "armor", but they do look stunningly beautiful (I think).

    @Eversor: Aww... come on now, you think some of these helm options would require hiding? Compared to some of the stuff Blizz has given us? Can I just refer to the T9 rogue helm that our guild affectionately calls foreskin? Or the T9 druid helm which is crazy beak face?

    @Adeanna: Ooh yah, a blooming orchid and the butterflies actually flying around would be neat. And yes, I did love the T8 sparkly moon head too.

  5. None of them are on fire. As far as I am concerned that is a millinery FAIL! Also orchid-head is clearly a druid :D

  6. got me there...those were quite horrible...

  7. Mage gear is fruity enough, please don't help :P

  8. What was it that someone once said about orchids and female anatomy? Something tells me male druids wouldn't really have a problem...

  9. @Klepsacovic: Isn't it? I love the black lace... it just screams out priest to me.

    @Tam: Oh my god. It just all came together for me... you and your British self's love of hats! *lightbulb goes on* I should really try to find a good image of a headpiece on fire for you.

    @Eversor: I know! Especially the rogue T9. Though it cracks me up that in that comment of mine, I put the words affectionately and foreskin together in the same sentence...

    @River: You will take your fruity mage gear and like it! Though I'm not sure why I associate the color blue with a mage. Is it because of frost? Or more likely the fact that mages are blue for me in Grid.

    @Khol Drake: Hmmm... naughty rogue!

  10. OMG. Toootally late reply but I <3 this post! I'm a bit of a fashion geek (in addition to being a WoW nerd..). Great choices! :D