Thursday, February 11, 2010

Complete armor set dance

Every now and then I wonder whether I have too much random humor on this blog. Though I think this blog morphed from being informational to entertainment a long long time ago, so what the heck. I mean, as Jess pointed out to me, I had the gall to put bewbs up on this blog yesterday.

Random comic to share today from Questionable Content:

I think its kind of cute and funny, though the only thing that perturbs (notice! not irritate! though it is a synonym... hmmm...) me a bit is that the girl is clearly pictured as having acne. So hmmm, WOW playing gamer geek girls have acne? Though maybe she plays a tank and has acne from all that facerolling.


  1. Welllll ... she's kinda the token social misfit, not just a WoW player, so Jeph's cramming a few dozen stereotypes into the mixing bowl here. Yeah, I do feel that he's perpetuating a poor sterotype here. On the other hand, consider Hanelore, his token neurotic OCD girl, who makes our geek grrl look positively NORMAL.

    Comics do tend to indulge in this sorta thing, though to Jeph's credit, he does try.

  2. "So hmmm, WOW playing gamer geek girls have acne? Though maybe she plays a tank and has acne from all that facerolling."


  3. Hey she is hot.. big boobs and can move her hips.. what else do you need in a woman.

  4. I think those may actually be crumbs from the crackers she was munching while playing. Otherwise I'd say she actually looks pretty good, even with the chic-nerd glasses.

  5. hmmm, you'd probably wouldn't like this one then:

    actually on second thought, you'd probably won't like most of those with Marigold and WoW. :P

  6. Well though I am no expert, but I find humor is better then dry facts. If I want to be another Elitist Jerks I would.

    Wait this post needs some more...Penis.

    There ya go...

  7. Thanks! I love Questionable Content but I lose it every couple of months. Now I can catch up again!

  8. I have to agree with Grimmtooth. She also reads the strangest sort of anime, never leaves her room (until recently), and is possibly more socially awkward than Hannelore.