Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why is there no BOE loot in ICC 10?

I'll try to be less ranty than I was yesterday, but I discovered something this weekend that I am confused and a bit irritated (yes, again... irritated) by.

Why is none of the loot from Icecrown 10 man bind on equip?

Let's take a look back at Ulduar. From Flame Leviathan to the General, every single boss with the exception of Freya dropped one piece of loot on 10 man that was BOE. In 25 man Ulduar, all bosses from FL to the General had a piece of BOE gear.

I'm sure 10 man raiding guilds remember these drops from back in Ulduar... stuff like Cable of the Metrognome from Mimiron or Nimble Climber's Belt from Auriaya or Armbands of the Construct. While it was annoying at times to see these drops when folks were looking for other drops, it was a nice way for our guild to sell these BOEs for the guild bank to finance repairs for our runs.

Now in ICC 10, there is not a single drop that is BOE. I wondered whether they had gotten rid of this feature for some reason and taken away BOE drops in 25 man ICC as well. Nope. There is one piece of BOE loot for every single boss in 25 man from Marrowgar to Dreamwalker. I then did some more research and learned that this was something they changed with TOC. Not a single BOE drop in TOC 10, but there is a BOE drop for every boss in TOC 25.

Ok so now 10 man guilds don't get the extra bit of cash from selling BOEs. Well luckily our guild bank isn't suffering for cash, but it'd be a nice bonus. Secondly, in 10 mans its more likely that you'd have a drop that someone couldn't use compared to a 25 man. Hello, 25>10 (maths FTW). It was also nice back in Ulduar when we would give some of these BOE drops to guildies who could use the upgrade but weren't there for the raid.

Why did they make this change after Ulduar? Bring back BOE drops in 10 mans!

Grrrr... I am irritated again! I shall try to temper the irritation by giggling at this pic of scrabble cats (click on pic to get closer look of the board):


  1. It does disappoint a bit. I don't care though... they are not going to get me into 25-man raiding. I am a very strong fan of the 10-man format, and have little (read: none) use for 25-man raids.

    It does show that you're thinking of me, plant-girl. Worry not. Remember how long I ran around with that Mace of Unrequited Love? I'll be back very soon, and then nothing shall stop us ;)

  2. There are trash epics, but they are very rare.

    I do think it's unfair that there are no boss BOEs... BOE bank income is important to many guilds.

  3. Ive seen 264 ilvl gear drop off trash in 10 mans. just ask fonzy :)

  4. Oh, I didn't know that there were trash BOEs. But yes, its not the same as BOE drops off the bosses.

    Hi Gray! I didn't know you read this blog (cleans up a bit). I will have to ask Fonzy about that. Hmmm... was this some roll that he lost?

  5. Hi,

    Ive seen BoE drops off trash in 10 & 25 man its just that they are very very very rare! unfortunately 8(

  6. The only items we have seen drop where both shaman pants :(

    Other then that I haven't seen anything :(
    I'm still annoyed at seeing the badge plate healing belt drop. would have been nice to use the badges differently.